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We work with you on any and every one of these. We are technology agnostic that way.

Backend Technologies

It's the backbone to your software application, and we provide expertise in a handful of them.

image php

PHP is one-of-the most popular technology and currently with version 7.3, we cater to diverse domains with a quick turnaround.

image java

Java is the epitome of back end development. With a 40+ strong team, we can deliver the most versatile products.

image net

Dot Net is our go-to platform when we build enterprise solutions that require complex system functionalities.

image nodejs

This neophyte seems to have revolutionized web applications with its lightweightness and lightening fast execution.

image python

Python is best for delivering data analytics, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing solutions.


Evolving from computers that occupied a room to those in our hands, today everything is possible at a tap of your finger.

image apple

We have mastered Xcode and Swift SDKs to deliver standardized, secure and scalable iOS apps.

image android

Nearly 15% of the 2M apps on Google Play store are ranked as poor. Let us help you stay away from that number.

image ionic

We use Ionic technology for securely shipping progressive and hybrid web apps to cross-functional platforms.

image xamarin

With a stable cross platform framework of Xamarin, we build hybrid app that can scale just as good as any native.

image flutter

Galaxy uses Flutter for resolving issues of cross platform development with the help of dart and javaScript languages.

image kotlin

Kotlin is the new JVM language. We use it to interoperate java codes while improving app quality.

image react

Although React is a client side framework, it is surpassingly making separate back end calls redundant.


Front-end has evolved to provide even more quicker interactions and seamless experience to the end user.

image angular

You simply define your requirements and deadlines, our Angular JS experts will develop and deliver the rest.

image jquery

As a library, jQuery has a lot to offer. Therefore, finding the right command is exactly like finding the right manual.

image js

JavaScript is the single unit that defines User Interface and with it user experience. We love not only building but optimizing it.

image bootstrap

Bootstrap is like the retro pair of jeans, not in vogue but still in use. It's comfy, fun, and pairs with almost everything.

image react

Maintained by Facebook, this JS library's strength is its flexibility. We leverage React to build rich mobile and web app UIs.

image vue

Vue.js with its modern arsenal of tools, libraries, and other crucial capabilities lets us build dynamic and flawless applications.

WebRTC Technologies

High quality and cost effective Web-enabled Real Time Communications solutions for your business.

image appium

Versatile and scalable - this one is our favorite.

image selenium

Personalized and intelligent communication delivered.

image code pipeline

Enabling voice and video communications in real-time.

image bamboo

Our choice to ensure security in your WebRTC solutions.

image bugzilla

For sub-second latency and live audience interaction in video communications.

image jmeter

Powerful APIs that facilitate swift communication.


We at Galaxy firmly believe in this mantra 'All content can be managed and All content should be managed.'

image wordpress

WordPress has the biggest market share for CMS and we have built nearly 1K websites already. We have got this.

image craft

Craft's Matrix-block architecture makes for a strong back end and makes maintenance a breeze.

image drupal

Drupal was dubbed as the “community publishing system”, and relies on it's community of developers, designers, trainers, editors, and more.

image kentico

Kentico being a .Net framework can easily be extended from blogging performance to the e-commerce business.

image umbraco

Umbraco is not just another .Net framework. It is highly versatile and SEO-friendly by default.


We build an online store and customize it to sell 10 products or 10,000 depending on your needs.

image magento

We can help you navigate the upgradation to Version 2.3.4 including plugins' issues, security hassles, and 3rd party integrations.

image shopify

While Shopify has only 23% market share, it's still one of our recommendations for a well-designed eCommerce store.

image bigcommerce

BigCommerce is a winning solution when you want the autonomy of a DIY eCommerce and no restrictions.

image woocommerce

WooCommerce woes on lack of support are pretty common. We provide end-to-end support for every customization.


We have a team of professionals who would help you envision designs and create better user experiences for your customers.

image photoshopimage illustratorimage invisionimage principalimage axureimage zeplin

Analytics & Reporting

We transform your data into decisions by utilizing business intelligent services to give best data science solutions for better insights.

image appseeimage adobe analyticsimage google analyticsimage tableauimage alteryximage mixpanelimage knime

Support & Maintenance

Be it Cloud computing or monthly service retainers, we provide extensive support for all of our existing clients.

image amazon web servicesimage axureimage google cloudimage jenkinsimage gitlabimage kubernet

Quality Assurance

We use the right framework or tool to ensure through functional, automation, UX, payment, security and cross-browser testing.

image appium

We use Appium to navigate automated testing for native, mobile web, and hybrid apps.

image selenium

Using Selenium we test across browsers, operating systems, and programming languages.

image code pipeline

Pipeline is the natural extension for AWS cloud that unifies your coding, releases and deployment.

image bamboo

With Atlassian's JIRA and Confluence, managing project cycle and team collaboration becomes a breeze. We are adaptable like that.

image bugzilla

As a tool, Bugzilla promises only one thing– tracking bugs. It delivers exactly that and that’s why we love it.

image jmeter

Most people use JMeter for its user-friendliness. We do too, but we like its cross platform functionality just as much.

image robotium

We love the unit testing library that Robotium offers for detailed Android testing including versions and screen sizes.

API Integration

Galaxy is proficient in custom API integrations. We enable your business by integrating disparate business systems and functionalities to your apps.

image salesforce

Salesforce can be the tool you can use and the technology you can rely upon. We work with you to customize the technology and integrate the tool.

image odoo

We provide seamless Odoo integrations to any of your existing business processes including sales, inventory management or even billing.

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