Connecting providers to the patients remotely

The Client

Formally known as IntegrateMD, Blüm Telehealth has been a pioneer in telemedicine, deploying a desktop-based application through which patients and their healthcare providers could connect for routine exams, sick appointments and so on. More recently, the company has been looking to expand its services to meet modern consumer expectations, including multi-channel and multi-device support, improved video conferencing capabilities, Cloud-based storage and distribution and medical device systems integration support.


  • Minimum Viable Product Servicing
  • Backend engineering
  • UI/UX Strategy
  • Cloud hosting solution


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The U.S. healthcare system is undergoing dramatic change and Blüm Telehealth is one of the players leading the charge. A Web-based telemedicine provider, Blüm Telehealth approached Galaxy Weblinks eager to expand the scope and scale of its offerings. Specifically, the company recognized that today’s patient and healthcare provider needed the ability to connect across multiple channels and devices – capacities that required an entirely new storage and distribution model, device independency, OS support, etc.


The Challenge

Blüm Telehealth’s existing desktop application was too limited for today’s always-on, multi-channel, multi-device, consumer and the medical care community serving it. The need to scale to meet ongoing consumer and healthcare innovations meant Blüm Telehealth needed to overhaul its entire platform and delivery methodology. But a project of this size, complexity and scope posed serious challenges and the potential to seriously disrupt existing clients as well as its go-to-market strategy. As such, Blüm Telehealth was interested in pursuing a more deliberate and staggered approach that would enable it to begin introducing products and services at a more nimble, yet scaled approach.

The Solution

Galaxy Weblinks took a painstaking approach to gathering requirements that not only would meet existing Blüm Telehealth customer needs, but also enable the company to scale to meet tomorrow’s requirements as well.

Galaxy adopted a minimum viable product (MVP) approach to launch, using rapid prototyping to design and develop the software applications, video chat and telemedicine platform (using device-independent WebRTC technology) that together comprised the new suite of services. The new platform dramatically expanded Blüm Telehealth’s video-medicine support services, including:

  • Browser-based video conferencing
  • Video encryption for doctor-patient confidentiality
  • In-call device switching support
  • Signal strength indicators
  • Pause, mute, private messaging
  • Scheduling (create, confirm, cancel, reschedule, etc.)
  • Multi-medical device integration

The new cloud-based platform already is in beta at three medical facilities, enabling physicians and their patients to easily schedule consultations, connect, employ real-time, high-resolution data feeds using stethoscope, otoscopes and other medical devices for viable medical consultations.

The new Blüm Telehealth platform is HIPAA-compliant and supports white label applications for partner participation.

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