Custom School Management Software

The Client

Children’s Manor is a collection of seven Montessori schools that deliver the award-winning, highly esteemed Montessori educational system to pre-school and elementary-age children. For nearly a quarter-century, the schools have been helping children excel in the arts, sciences, languages and mathematics.


  • Conceptual Design
  • UX Strategy
  • Backend Engineering
  • Performance Engineering


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The internationally acclaimed montessori educational system enjoys that status precisely because of the incredible attention to detail it brings to every student engagement. A distinct educational plan employing the multifaceted Montessori learning system, a commitment to student autonomy, a low teacher-student ratio and the use of outstanding educators is not only a successful educational formula – but not surprisingly, is also incredibly complex and dependent on many moving parts, processes, and open communication standards. All of which is why one such program – the Children’s Manor – approached Galaxy Weblinks for help in modernizing these myriad operations into a single, comprehensive user portal accessible to school administrators, instructors, and parents.


The Challenge

As an incredibly busy, in-demand, multi-school system delivering high-level educational services to hundreds of children across Maryland, Children’s Manor knew it needed a better way of managing its many and disparate activities. School administrators and teachers needed a better way of creating and tracking lesson plans for more than 100 types of curricula at three distinct user levels; the schools wanted an improved means of sharing teacher profiles as well as tracking and aligning individual students to their unique lesson plans; parents needed more transparency into their children’s progress; and the schools necessarily needed improved systems for record-keeping and reporting of all this data. Furthermore, the project was under an extremely tight 6-week deadline in order to be operational for the upcoming academic session.

The Solution

Galaxy Weblinks met with school stakeholders to better understand and identify specific end-user requirements as they pertained to administrators, teachers, parents and students. We created UE/UX wireframes that identified and overcame shortcomings in the initial Children’s Manor portal concepts, ensuring that the system would meet all and not just some of the school’s many unique requirements.

Once the plan was agreed upon, Galaxy Weblinks worked at an aggressive pace to create distinct, integrated administrative, teacher, reporting, and communication modules that, among other things, enabled the school to more easily:

  • Manage and update 100+ educational activities, each with three distinct learning levels
  • Track and report children’s progress to their parents
  • Regularly apprise parents of their child’s progress
  • Create and maintain teacher and students databases

To do this we built a school portal with a permissions-based management schema that granted the right access to the right people, along with reporting tools for easily monitoring and tracking all system data. Additionally, Galaxy Weblinks dramatically improved the school’s record-keeping capacity at both the administrator and teacher levels.

We were very pleased with the way Galaxy Weblinks handled our project. They went above and beyond in providing solutions to question that arose during the development phase. Amit was essential in the success of our platform. Instead of simply doing what we thought we needed, him and his team took the time to understand ALL of our needs and design and create a system that met those needs. I look forward to working with them again on the second phase of this project.

- Emilee Fell (Director of Operations and Marketing)

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