Connecting consumers with repairmen

The Client

With over a decade experience in IT, our client wanted a unified platform that enables seamless workflow, from lead generation through billing to services completion for connecting consumers & skilled workers from 100+ different service categories.


  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Hybrid App Development
  • UI/UX Strategy
  • QA
  • API Development



Our client wanted us to build a platform that would disrupt the marketplace, connecting small businesses with their customers. We worked closely with the client's team from creating the initial sketch to a working MVP and finally launching the app on all the app stores. We worked to fulfill every need of the hour.

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The Challenge

The core of the product lies in the algorithm that finds the most relevant combinations to match customers to skilled service providers. The client had a strong backend database structure but needed mobile apps developed from scratch. The challenge was then to have the app work with two different type of users (professionals & consumers) talk to each other seamlessly with a virtual team within the strict 7-week deadline.

The Solution

The client wanted an app that would help them connect local businesses with their customers. With the help of rapid prototyping, Galaxy helped shape and style client's idea into a working MVP. It included all the necessary features such as user flow, sign up, account setup, dashboard, navigation and more.

For the alpha launch, Galaxy was able to create a working marketplace with multiple filters within the complex algorithm to create best possible combinations. Advanced filters were implemented to negate the ones that did not match specified requirements. Common filters include zipped based location, type of services, cost per hour, the level of expertise and of course, availability.

While creating the front-end required great care in terms of consistent designing on all four apps. The MVP was thorough to accommodate pricing, invoicing, payment processing, and SMS notification. Sms notification is an added advantage when the consumer is not be logged on to the internet. Apart from this, the payment processing system was designed to create hassle-free payments for both the consumers and professionals. While the consumers have it easy, professionals get direct ACH deposits in their bank accounts against the work completed.

In future releases, the client's plan is to tackle advanced data collection, algorithmic relationship matching, upgrade payment processing and one touch signup.

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