Dining & nightlife information app

The Client

GoingOut.com is a New England-area company that delivers up-to-date dining and nightlife information to online and mobile customers in selected cosmopolitan areas across the region. Ultimately, the company has national aspirations and needs a strong brand with a user-friendly mobile experience to help drive new market penetration.


  • Minimum Viable Product Servicing
  • IOS/Android Development
  • Backend Engineering
  • Mobile Development


IOS native Objective C Third party API : FB Login Integration Android native JavaScript


Americans love to eat out and Boston in particular is known as a ‘foodie’ city, meaning its citizens and massive tourist populations each year consume millions of meals at restaurants of all types. GoingOut.com approached Galaxy Weblinks to build applications that would enable iPhone and Android users to easily identify restaurants by a variety of keyword-driven parameters, make reservations and map their way to those locations.

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The Challenge

GoingOut.com wanted to build a mobile cross-platform application that would enable diners across the Boston area to use keywords on their mobile devices to search for venues based on a wide variety of information (e.g. food types, specials, location, themes and much more).

The project involved massive volumes of data based on the huge number of diverse restaurants in the Boston area as well as distinct keyword-driven data types to make it easy for diners to find precisely what they wanted. The system also needed to include a built-in reservation system, social media connections and a navigation utility for mobile users to reach their destinations.

It also is worth noting that the iOS and Android applications were not just destined for the New England area, but ultimately envisioned and designed as working prototypes for a nationwide approach that could be replicated for all major urban areas.

The Solution

Galaxy Weblinks worked hand-in-hand with GoingOut founders to design and develop applications that would accommodate member restaurant/venue content and informational offerings while simultaneously delivering an attractive, intuitive user experience for customers seeking information on those establishments and activities.

This customer-restaurant relationship was to be defined by specific content types tied to keywords, including venue name, location, menu items, entertainment offerings and more. Additionally, Galaxy Weblinks incorporated special offers and coupons, a reservation system, social media connections and mapping services to guide would-be diners to their desired venue.

The key, of course, was to create a mobile user experience that made it easy for prospective customers to quickly find the right venue for their particular interests and location.

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