Health insurance dashboard on Mobile

The Client

The client is a marketplace for comparing and buying health insurance, with a member dashboard on mobile app


  • Minimum Viable Product
  • iOS App development
  • Android App development
  • UI/UX strategy
  • QA
  • API development


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The Client wanted to develop an exclusive mobile app for its members. The app allows secure storage of medical info and immediate assistance. As the client had tie up with various providers, knowing and managing multiple data formats became critical. However, to achieve this we needed to update its existing backend architecture to realign all the information so that users receive the most relevant information on their mobile apps.


The Challenge

Apart from creating a detailed mobile app, we worked majorly on data architecture. The real challenge lay in realigning data formats including converting paper data into its digital equivalent and checking for duplicity. We also had to ensure highest standards of secure encryption to adhere to HIPPA compliance norms for both backend data as well as mobile app.

The Solution

Galaxy proposed to create a simple, yet intuitive UI that can cater to the non-tech savvy health insurance buyers as well. Given the premise that health insurance is a very sensitive topic as well as all the data that comes with it. Add to it the HIPPA compliance adherence.

We managed to build a prototype that allowed a user to:

  • view their insurance policy details and relevant contact details
  • search for in-network providers and locate the same on maps
  • get notification for health and lifestyle tips

The app is available on both iOS and android stores. However, the login is restricted so only an active member can use the app. We put in single sign on and expire session to maintain security.

For backend engineering, we spent time collecting, correlating and organizing all the user data and restructuring it into the relational database schema. Similarly collating insurance providers data including network partners, helpline numbers, claim process and policy details into a single system with zero error required through testing.

Post launch on app stores, the client was able to get close to 100 downloads within the first month. In future release, the client is looking forward to adding medication history, and improve the user experience.

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