Event Based Meeting Mobile App

The Client

Miadi Solutions came to us with an idea for a mobile app to target the active lifestyle seekers. Interestingly,"Kazi" means active in Swahili.


  • Prototyping
  • Mobile App Development
  • Backend Engineering
  • UX Strategy & Design


IOS native Langauge : Objective c Third party Api : Facebook login and friend invitation Android native Langauge : Java PHP Codeigniter HTML5 jQuery MySQL


Kazi was inspired by the idea of enabling individuals’ innate habit of self-organizing around specific activities of interest to them, then tying those group interests with organizations and brands eager to reach those individuals with offers in line with those interests. Thus a yoga studio might be interested in reaching out to individuals who have chosen a particular time and location to walk together, reasoning that members of that group might also be interested in taking a yoga class together at roughly the same time and at a conveniently nearby location (and with associated discounts).

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The Challenge

Individuals have become accustomed to using the Web and social media channels to self-organize around topics of shared interest. What is not as easily available, however, is a mobile means of finding, joining or organizing local events of particular interest to participants. It is equally difficult, for vendors to easily reach out to those individuals with discounted products and services tied to those same interests and activities.

The Solution

Working with Miadi Solutions, Galaxy designed a multi-level mobile application that enabled users to easily download the app, register and immediately begin to accrue credits known as ‘Kazi cash’ or ‘Kash’ based on their participation in different hosted events. These reward system is tailored to the degree to which a user engages (i.e. more points for creating or hosting an event vs. simply participating in an existing event). Accrued Kash can be used to receive discounts on products and services from participating vendors.

Specific application features include:

  • Fixed and variable data tied to events and their participants (e.g. name, gender, age, etc., along with mileage, page, location, etc.).
  • Filters to assist registrants in identifying groups and activities by name, type, location and other data variables. Complete integration with Google Maps
  • Ability to create unique coupon codes
  • Robust, fully editable registration, RSVP and Waitlisting system
  • Event calendar for one-time and recurring activities
  • Tracking and sharing user event history and ability to follow activities of others

Kazi also included interfaces for vendors to easily create unique offerings for Kazi participants to redeem Kash, establish expiration dates, calculate commissions and more.

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