Online SAT Practice and Analytics Platform

The Client

Our client Aruna Kaila, an active participant in ‘concerned parents’ groups contacted Galaxy to create a SAT prep course. My SAT prep, is a startup looking to create a single, authoritative resource for helping students prepare for the SATs.


  • Information Architecture
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Application Development
  • Automate Content Analysis


PHP Codeigniter HTML5 BootStrap paypal jQuery MySQL Angular SendGrid API Integration Hight Chart API Integration Third party API:Social Media Login (Google, Facebook)


Create an online study guide for students preparing to take the SAT college entrance exams. The guide must incorporate key content elements from traditional SAT prep (College Board 4 Real, Kaplan’s, McGraw-Hill, IvyGlobal, etc.) while honoring restrictions that limit that content to PDF format only. Guide also needed to incorporate student registration, tiered permission-based management for administrators and sophisticated scoring and results analysis.

USP: automated In-depth analysis of test results
Complexity: create algorithm to simultaneously calculate and analyze results based on various parameters like- time, section, ratio of incorrect answers to correct answers , scale score, percentage.


The Challenge

The SATs are an important part of the entrance requirements for most major U.S. colleges and universities. Every year millions of students use a variety of services to prepare for these tests, but these services are limited in their ability to provide real-time analysis of a student’s scores in comparison to his or her personal goals. In other words, while the content provided by these preparatory services is critical to the process, what was needed is a system through which the instruction process itself could be made more dynamic and useful. Complicating this project was the content providers’ limitations that only PDF versions could be employed for any third-party testing providers.

The Solution

Galaxy created a highly intuitive, user-friendly application that enabled students to register either personally or through a school code and to establish a personal learning goal; parental accounts for payment processing; and schools to manage organization and student accounts and process payments.

Testing features included: a timer to replicate real-world test environment; ability to take the test online or offline (download test sheets with predefined answer sheet); and see results. Students can reset all forms and retake the test as often as they want. The system also enables students to set goals tied to specific portions of the test (e.g. written, verbal, etc.) and analyze progress toward those goals.

The system was built to provide a variety of scores including:

  • comparative analysis between test attempts
  • sub-score analysis,
  • section group performance comparisons
  • response metrics that provide visual representation of correct vs incorrect answers over time and test attempts
  • heat mapping to help further define areas in need of improvement
  • pacing analysis to help with timed testing

Other features include calendar/reminder functions, study planning, automated guidance tools for assistance and much more.

The platform allowed us to easily manage our online tests with highly useful reports for both teachers & students. This saved us a lot of time by having one place where students could answer questions & get immediate actionable feedback. The makers of the product know exactly what they are doing & will deliver the best.

- Aruna Kaila (CEO at STEM Technologies LLC)

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