Netgear and Galaxy | Scaling with design and fulfilling multiple requirements

Netgear had a small team of designers and 3 products to work on. They came to us looking to scale their design operations. Thousands of screens were to be made and the team had their hands full. We came onboard with a team of 4 design experts and improved their design process by introducing native prototypes, visual QA, and design documentation. Impressed by our work ethics and onsite-offshore model, Netgear made us their design partners.

Fast forward to present, we have a dedicated team of 10+ designers working for Netgear. What started as a one off design project is now an ongoing partnership.

Now, we provide a lot more than design-assistance to them.


  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes(HTML & Native)
  • Visual QA
  • Competitor Analysis
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Client industry: Computer Networking

Size of company: 2000 Employees, Multisite

Challenge: Netgear had multiple products that constantly underwent upgrades and feature updates. Small team size and ever-expanding product goals made it difficult for them to scale as expected.

Solution: We onboarded a team of 4 designers & UX experts that got on with tasks immediately. (We were on our work desks as soon as all the legals were signed). Now, we have a dedicated team of 10+ designers working on multiple products & is completely aligned with Netgear’s design processes.

Netgear owns multiple dynamic products that focus on connecting people & empowering businesses. They are constantly working on updates and features that improvise their products.

We were pretty pumped up when we met the folks at Netgear.

We can’t say no to a good gig. This was Netgear. This was more than a good gig.

We braced ourselves to go all in.

Understanding the Design Process

Together, we sat and discussed their major problems, vis-a-vis:

  • Lack of resources, the number of people per project was never enough.
  • They were looking for partners who helped them scale.
  • There were a huge sprint backlog and pending design assets.

After establishing the premise with ‘who, where, what, why, and how’ we moved on to the next step; addressing immediate needs.

They wanted:

  • Quicker turnaround for design assets, wireframes, and prototypes.
  • Reduction in the sprint backlog.
  • Complete assistance to the design team.

Once we got the style guides, we got going!

Scaling ahead and making a difference

Tools used: InVision, Flinto, Sketch, Zeplin, Hype

Key Performers: Onsite-offshore Model, Iterative Design Processes

We had a dedicated Project Manager who coordinated with stakeholders at Netgear, managed the team offshore, and visited Netgear for further strategizing & planning.

The initial projects were a success and owing to our team’s strength and hands-on availability, the hybrid model scaled at a very fast pace.

We provided them with prototypes for their in-house products, insights around GUI & related design work like Zeplin exports.

Punching up the game

While building prototypes and working with the style guide & wireframe, we found that the designs were not translated perfectly. We suggested them to go for Design Audits AKA Visual QA. Design audits helped them get rid of visual discrepancies right down to a pixel.

For functional user testing, we introduced them to Hype HTML prototypes. It helped them highlight the UX pain points.

HTML prototypes are great for spotting usability issues, but native prototypes are the real MVPs (most valuable player) when it’s time for user testing and executive buy-ins.

So we suggested them to build native prototypes.

We also helped them improve their style guides with our neat design documentation. All the revisions were updated & maintained, giving the team a single source for all the design standards.

Consistent partnership

We have our on-site coordinators working from Netgear’s office. Apart from all the above tasks, we are also assisting them with:

  • Competitor Analysis.
  • User Analytics.
  • App Updates.
  • Product Revision & Development.

We like working with teams that like to iterate and build upon the existing processes.

The inclusiveness and adaptability of both the parties has transformed our project with Netgear into a sustainable partnership.

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