Netgear is the world’s leading company in providing fast and effective connectivity, home media, security and automation, and mobile solutions. They provide solutions for homes, businesses, and B2B/ B2C service providers.

Galaxy collaborated with Netgear when the latter needed assistance in scaling up their design operations. Netgear was keen on having a partner who can step in and assist their in-house creative team in providing new design assets and complete their sprint backlogs. We helped fast-track the client’s efforts and significantly enhanced their process by introducing native prototypes, visual QA, and design documentation.

Galaxy has been a partner for Netgear for the past 4 years and is a seamless extension to their in-house creative team.



The client has a massive product range that regularly undergoes feature updates and design upgrades.

Due to the small size of the team, numerous tasks were pending. The client was seeking -

  • A partner who will help them scale up and assist the design team
  • Quicker turnaround for mockups, wireframes, and prototypes
  • Reduction in the sprint backlog

"Galaxy is our go-to design partner who tells us what we want even before we know it. They understand our company and product range as much as we do and are an inseparable part of our team.”

- Head of Design, Netgear


Design Assistance

We took the time to understand the client, their product range, design philosophy, as well as the brand ethos. We appointed a dedicated project manager for Netgear who will coordinate with the client’s in-house team, manage the Galaxy team, and act as the bridge between the two.

Our team was quite hands-on from the beginning and adapted themselves as per the client’s requirements and specifications. We helped them with innovative prototypes for their products, insights around GUI & related design work like Zeplin exports.

Iterative Design Process

While building prototypes and working with the style guide & wireframe, we discovered that the designs were not being translated perfectly. We advised the clients to opt for Design Audits or Visual QA. This enabled the clients to purge any and every visual discrepancy, right down to the pixel.

For the functional user testing, we introduced them to Hype HTML prototypes. It helped them identify the User Experience problem areas, and resolve them. We also recommended using the Native prototypes for detailed user testing such as the application behavior, app experience, and micro-interactions.

We also helped them improve their style guides with our neat design documentation. All the revisions were updated & maintained, giving the team a single source for all the design standards.



What started as a one-off engagement with a small team of 4 designers and UX experts is now a long-term collaboration.

A part of our team is working from Netgear’s office onsite along with the offshore team, and we remain an intrinsic part of their design process.

4 years and Counting

The inclusiveness and adaptability of Netgear and Galaxy have laid the foundation of this sustainable partnership.

We go beyond assisting Netgear to come up with innovative prototypes, business processes, and product ideas. We also help them with other aspects of their business such as –

  • Competitor Analysis
  • User Analytics
  • App Updates
  • Product Revision & Development

Galaxy also helped them develop a unique AR-based mobile application that they showcased in the International Consumer Electronics Show 2020 at Las Vegas.

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