Time Management & Reporting Tool

The Client

Pronovos, business data analytics and visualization software for the construction industry.


  • Custom Development
  • Backend Engineering
  • Experience Design
  • Systems Integration


Asp Net 4.0 C# jQuery SQL Server 2008 R2


Pronovos specializes in automating the commercial construction industry’s spreadsheet-based data into nimble, data visualization services. But the company was eager to add another labor-intensive, spreadsheet-driven process to its analytical mix: time reporting. So Pronovos asked Galaxy Weblinks to design and develop a time-reporting tool that would integrate seamlessly with its legacy data visualization systems.

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The Challenge

One of the biggest cost centers facing most organizations is labor and the construction industry is no different. Pronovos makes its living by offering business data visualization services that enable construction companies to identify patterns, discover trends and to use that knowledge to cut costs and improve efficiencies. But Pronovos and its clients were still depending on labor-intensive, rigid spreadsheets for tracking, reporting and analyzing time costs. What was needed was a means of automating that data and integrating it with existing analytical systems for a complete view of company costs.

The Solution

Working with Pronovos, Galaxy designed and developed a customized, Web-based time reporting system that allows users to define and create company-specific time periods for unlimited job types and easily analyze and report on that data or export to standard spreadsheets. The application is able to accommodate virtually unlimited job codes, pay period durations, internal and third-party data sources, etc. and use a variety of algorithms for estimating, calculating and analyzing time costs.

Specific features include:

  • Drop-down menus for company/employer, job codes
  • Adjustable pay periods
  • Editable hours by job codes
  • Drill-down, roll-up reporting of select or all timesheets, job costs, etc.
  • Multi-user support for employees, supervisors, contractors
  • Multiple entry types, including manual, percentage, fixed
  • Different pay types, including salary, bonus, expense allowances

The result: Pronovos and its clients are able to quickly identify time cost patterns, reassign labor assets, etc., as well as examine them as a part of the much larger organization’s business intelligence reporting.

I rarely write reviews but I’ve been nothing but impressed with the talent at Galaxy. I’ve had them work on multiple projects for me from Web and database development to Web services. As a customer they have truly earned my repeat business and are now my go-to technology partner.

- Bruce Orr, Chief Data Scientist

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