Quickbooks API integration

The Client

Our client is an e-commerce seller for consumer products across various platforms including amazon, ebay, and website.


  • Custom inventory management system
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Build desktop application



Most e-commerce vendors prefer having a custom platform for their specific needs irrespective of the plethora of available solutions. Using the most basic tool – the excel sheet, our client managed logistics, shipping, billing and order fulfillment that resulted in a ton of manual work. We brainstormed with our client to understand his problem areas before presenting him with a simple interface that helped him track all orders in a single list.

The Challenge

Our client had all the processes in place but what was missing was interconnectivity between the different systems. Selling on different platforms meant keeping track of order deliveries in each of these platforms and maintaining inventory accordingly. Quickbooks– the billing software needed to be integrated with each of the platforms separately for a seamless experience. Moreover, business analysis data became fragmented. Thus, managing total sales or comparing sales over different channels in a specific term period became difficult.

The Solution

The client were using a desktop version of quickbooks, hence a desktop application seemed like the best solution. We worked on the MarketPlace desktop application and helped it connect to the various sales channels like amazon, eBay and website sale using APIs along with quickbooks.

This helped the client look at all the relevant data including inventory, orders, shipping information, fulfillment dates, billing details and monthly sales via a single dashboard. We put all the 15 products in individual sections that show a snapshot view instantly. This is important especially for products that are low on inventory. The dashboard an icon to inform respective stores to put the product out-of-stock until inventory is fulfilled. This means less customer hassles later.

Though on the face-value it looks like a simple dashboard, this interface has many complex code running in the background. There are three separate API’s running to Amazon, eBay and a dedicated website respectively. This means that any order placed on any one of these platforms is duplicated into the master database for shipping. Now, this new dataset is also entered into quickbooks to generate an invoice copy as well as for accounting purpose. Integrating quickbooks is a tad bit difficult because it contains full accounting entries which are notional and has compliance requirements.

Testing the application became utmost important not only for security purpose but also to check that software updates do not become a snag. By continuing to provide maintenance support post launch, we helped straighten out any glitches with the interface itself. An end-to-end solution for a small e-commerce business owner.

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