Enrichment Resource for Teens and Parents

The Client

Marie Schwartz started TeenLife Media because she was a mom on a mission to locate high-quality programs and pre-college resources for her sons. Today, the website has more than 13,000 teen program and advisor listings, eguides, blog and ebooks.


  • Python- Django
  • Salesforce
  • AWS
  • Agile Methodology


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High schools teenagers are left with little choice for extracurricular activities. They do not fit into kids summer camps nor into traditional internships. Most often parents complain that this is the most difficult phase of parenting. TeenLife media was born to solve this problem. It provides alternate avenues to teenager’s (and their parents) including pre-college resources, teen programs, volunteering activities and more.


The Challenge

TeenLife started as a simple idea to provide options for out-of-classes activities for high school students. Within a span of 2 years, the website became popular with teens/parents as well as it attracted major activity providers. This lead to a compelling need for enhancement builds and adding new features without disturbing the existing platform. New features included sponsored content listing, campaign management module, E-commerce section, Insight driven BI reports and advanced search. Although the site required improvements, the website could not go down for even a second.

The Solution

Galaxy stepped in as technical expert to help to provide multiple enhancements to the existing website. The first step in any enhancement request is undoubtedly scoping out the work. We spent time to understand the priority, Level of effort and timeline for each enhancement. This helped TeenLife understand the budget values associated with the development and its ROI.

We used Agile methodology to create a continuous work cycle for updating code, QA and deploying to live website. This was an essential part of the requirement where the website was never down during the continuing enhancements.

Galaxy delivered the following key features:

  • Integrate SalesForce eCommerce Pardot to the existing CMS
  • Engage visitors using social media sharing and log in option
  • Script Google tag Manager to validate each piece of code deployed on website
  • Add campaign management module to provider dashboard to schedule/run advertisements
  • Create custom blog management module for Django CMS
  • Build subscription model to send emails and newsletters to users
  • Extend search functionality to include elastic and cloud-based search
  • Automate data backup to ensure every 10 minute cyclic backup

Galaxy also provides full development services, server maintenance, network and admin support. We currently support over 120K total subscriber and 20K listings on a daily basis. The custom Business Intelligence reports on consumer insights proved to be the most valuable feature for the business.

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