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Wellness Diagnostic Laboratory

The Client

Our client was a diagnostic lab services conducting hormone and wellness testing. It provides accurate test results that assist healthcare providers in making informed treatment decisions.


  • Website redesign
  • Database migration
  • Custom CMS
  • Video hosting


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The client has thousands of customer who need more information about hormone levels, the asymmetrical normal ranges and its interpretation for patients and/or their relatives. In order to increase their ability and speed to update information on their website, they wanted to redesign their existing website and restructure their database with a custom CMS that would allow to make it more search-friendly for its users. In this upgrade, they were able to add other enhancements like videos and PDF’s formats to their existing content database.


The Challenge

Though it was a website upgrade project, it came with its own set of challenges. The backend of the website needed restructuring as we moved from joomla to umbraco framework. While the purpose of the website is to provide information to end-user or consumers, the website also acts as a lead magnet for practitioners and lab partners. Therefore, we had to cater a single website to multiple audiences and stakeholders that wanted different set of enhancements.

The Solution

The client was perplexed with choice when it comes to CMS. Their existing joomla website did not provide the necessarily scalability that the client wanted for its customers. Galaxy helped them with CMS options and subsequently with selecting Umbraco as the go-to-platform.

The backend restructuring meant revisiting the database structure and creating additional arrays. We also helped create a multiple category-tags with partners, practitioners and end users. This ultimately helped in maintaining user data.

On the admin end, we were able to load the previous content in the form of blogs and articles as well as the functionality to add new forms of content– videos and pdfs. Along with it, we simplified upload options. Instead of the 5 step upload process in the older version, we created a 3 step process. This made the new system an instant hit among the staff.

Another great feature is the enhanced search functionality. Now, a user can search multiple forms of content and filter it by title, date and popularity. So for example, someone looking for PCOS symptoms can find videos, articles, blogs, research etc on hormone imbalance, types of testing, range of testing results, DIY tips and much more. We ensured that the users can open multiple links when doing their research by adding a small functionality that opens pop-up in new window.

We hope these small changes result into big results in customer engagement and retention.

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