Connecting Pet Owners & Vet Doctors On The Go

The Client

Vet Time is a startup focused on replicating many of the virtual technology developments sweeping across the medical industry and translating them to the veterinary world. Vet Time ultimately is interested in a national rollout serving pet owners anywhere in America.


  • Behavioral Design
  • UI/UX Strategy
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Mobile Development


IOS native Objective C, C# Payment gateway: Braintree Third party Framework:Quickblox for chat and message Asp Net 4.0 WCF Services SQL Server 2012


In 2015, Americans are expected to spend more than $60 billion on their pets and nearly half that figure will be used on medicine and veterinary services. Which helps to explain why Vet Time approached Galaxy Weblinks to help define and develop a new mobile application that connects pet owners with veterinarians based on their practice location, specialties and more. Moreover, the application was expected to bring a modern new flavor to the pet owner-veterinary relationship, enabling owners to seek consultations without in-office appointments, conduct video calls, chats, etc., and a payment gateway for virtual services rendered.

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The Challenge

Like many startups, vet Time had an innovative idea with strong market implications but little expertise in mobile application development. As such, Vet Time required extensive strategic and planning support from Galaxy Weblinks thought leaders, including research into the veterinary services world and a firm understanding of the kinds of virtual medicine that would be appealing to pet owners and veterinarians alike.

Vet Time had a modest budget and a tight, three-month deadline and was interested in bundling as many virtual care services as possible into the application with existing time, resource and budget constraints.

The Solution

From our principals to our design and development team, Galaxy Weblinks worked with Vet Time’s founders to concept, design, develop, prototype, test and ultimately deploy a virtual veterinary matching and services application that, among other things, enabled pet owners to:

  • Search veterinary services by location and specialty
  • Schedule virtual consultations with desired veterinarians
  • Create personal accounts including pet profile, insurance information, etc.
  • Post special offers and services discounts
  • Conduct video consultation calls
  • Accept payments via mobile SDK

Galaxy Weblinks designed and developed an engaging, highly intuitive UI that helped first-time users easily register and create an account, find the veterinarian they wanted, schedule and carry out a virtual consultation and make payment. Additionally, we enabled participating veterinary practices to mine customer data for business intelligent insights and coordinate with other veterinary services.

Galaxy Weblinks met all project goals on budget and on time.

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