The Wall Street Journal

The Client

The Wall Street Journal – the nation’s largest and most prominent daily business newspaper.


  • Conceptual Design
  • Cloud Engineering
  • Backend Engineering
  • Responsive Web Design


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As the nation’s leading daily business newspaper, the Wall Street Journal wins high marks for its content – content that could be exceedingly useful as reference materials for teachers and students needing the very latest business-related content for their coursework and studies. At the same time, newspapers like WSJ are eager to develop relationships with younger people who otherwise might be unfamiliar with its content. Which is why WSJ was eager to work with Galaxy to launch an E-Learning platform specifically tailored to higher education.


The Challenge

The Wall Street Journal invests a great deal of resources into developing the world’s finest and most trusted business content on a daily basis. This content is invaluable not just to business leaders and investors, but to teachers and students eager to remain apprised of the very latest and most salient business-related content.

The challenge was finding a way to introduce WSJ content to the kinds of educational and training institutions that would most benefit from it. To do that it would need to be easily available to instructors eager to incorporate it into their teaching and testing plans while also user-friendly enough and accessible to a younger, mobile-first generation of students.

The Solution

Galaxy designed and deployed a multi-tiered, subscription-based E-Learning platform that enabled WSJ administrators to create coursework and tests across 17 disciplines and 426 sub topics. These materials could be made available to member schools, their instructors, and students.

A hierarchical content management structure made it easy to designate access levels tailored to different educational environments, and an alert system was created to notify subscribing institutions and their instructors about the availability of new materials and tests.

For students, testing can be conducted via the Web or mobile devices, with time-tracking and scoring services included. Instructors can log in to receive detailed reports on class and individual student performance.

WSJ is able to associate its content with the coursework and testing materials, thereby building brand awareness with a new generation of prospective subscribers.

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