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4 Steps to Take Before Hiring a Mobile App Development Agency

So you’ve got a great mobile app idea and you’ve done your research to understand the competitive landscape. And you’re probably reading this because you’re well aware of the tech space and the potential it has to offer, but you also understand that you need the right mobile app development agency to unlock that potential.  […]

5 challenges in Web Application Development

Web applications are everywhere on the internet! Every time you send a mail, do online shopping, or browse your social media accounts, you are using a web application. They usually work on all the browsers and can be easily accessed on mobile and tablet computers, while providing a seamless experience as the native application. Web […]

7 Signs Your Business Need a Mobile App And How To Build One

A majority of people conduct their business on their smartphones. Moving to mobile is thus a smart way to reach your target audience. However, you must ensure that your application will be beneficial to both your customer and your brand.  How would you know if an app is right for your company? And once you’ve […]

Native vs Hybrid – How to Choose the Right App Type for Your Business?

Once you have decided to develop your idea into a mobile application, you need to make a few important decisions. These include- Who will be the right mobile app development partner? What would be the cost of building the app?  How much time will it take to launch your app? Whether to opt for native […]

Why are external code audits important?

It’s a common industry practice for applications to utilize and reuse codes written by other programmers. Although it’s an efficient way of building applications, you might not be fully aware of the vulnerabilities in the code, since it’s not yours, to begin with. That’s where External Code Audits come into the picture. It takes that […]

How To Build An Easily Maintainable Application

Among the many operational challenges, businesses continually face the question of how much time and money they should allocate to application maintenance.  A robust and high-performing application delivers expected business functions with rare instances of manual intervention. If you can succeed in building such an application, you have with you the very coveted almost-zero maintenance […]

10 VS Code Shortcuts To Code Faster In 2021

VS Code is loaded with lots of features by default that makes it powerful, even without the themes and extensions.  However, even experienced developers may not be aware of these useful features. Not everyone has the time to explore every tip and trick to find the ones that help them code faster. With each new […]

Top 5 Python Frameworks To Opt For

Building the backend for a web application or service?  It doesn’t matter if it’s simple or complex, there’s a Python framework that can address your needs. Choosing the right one can make tedious implementations like user management, data design, form submissions, and security, less of a headache. If your project is simple you can opt […]

What are the best practices to build a Mobile App?

Turning your great mobile app idea into reality requires a significant amount of time, effort, and money. Mobile app development is a complex and long process that involves different tasks to get the final product. These tasks require decision-making and can be crucial to an efficient overall development process that not only has cost implications […]

How to decide what’s the right tech stack for your Mobile/Web App?

Choosing the best technology to build a robust solution is a very crucial decision. This is the third step while planning mobile and web application development. It comes after establishing the business perspective and product structure. With large companies, in-house and offshore developers typically make the choice collaboratively. It’s more complicated if you’re a small […]