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Practices to quickly shift from in-person to remote user testing

The sudden change in lifestyles; professional and otherwise, has made remote work critical for many fields around the world, including UX testing. Remote user testing has been there in the process since many years making sure that our users are having the best possible experience with our product. Especially mostly by those business organizations who […]

Reinforcing leading training platform for heavy user load

For over 35 years, NHLS has been a robust source for enterprise technology and software training solutions offering industry-leading learning content. They provide computer courses and certifications to more than 30 million students through in-person and online learning experiences. Understanding the challenges NHLS turned to Galaxy to check the load the platform can withstand under […]

Forging Automation Testing Framework for an E-Commerce mobile platform

The client was looking for help to test critical functionalities of its mobile application for which they found a solution in Galaxy’s automation testing. Our client is a trusted peer-to-peer rental marketplace for buying, selling, and renting almost anything. Our client’s dream is to offer a platform where all goods from cufflinks to computers can […]

Making web more inclusive with Manual Accessibility Testing

People don’t want to miss out on the digital era. And accessibility testing is how we make sure that smart devices and computers are accessible for everyone, regardless of ability or age. Manual testing is the oldest form of testing in which testing is done via empathy, knowledge, and experience. While automated tests are done […]

The right and the only way of outsourcing Software Testing and QA

When you’re looking to outsource, you probably spend a lot of the project’s time in finding that “right partner”. What if we tell you that even after choosing the right partner the performance rate for software outsourcing remains below 50%. It means that companies who outsource without considering the risks and operation costs, only get […]

Choosing the right QA tool for your organization

Selecting the right QA tool from a list of the most popular ones is difficult. Your operational scope defines your testing needs. Getting it right will go a long way in the success of your organization. Earlier we talked about how you can prep your webapp for the worst case scenarios. This list of QA […]

How to conduct a mobile usability test?

It is important to know that there are more variables when it comes to recording mobile usability test. The technical set-up for this test is quite simple, but it is a little bit different from the standard usability testing. In this article, we are going to look at how to set up and conduct a […]

Outsourcing QA | A Doomsday prepper’s guide to an apocalypse-ready webapp

You might be familiar with Murphy’s law which says ‘Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong’. Software isn’t immune to that. But that’s often the last of your worries because the plate’s always full! Well, not anymore! Prepping your webapp via a professional third party QA vendor QA is like checking your life jacket […]