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Glassmorphism – How to Leverage This New UI Trend in Your Website

Another year, another UI design trend making waves – Glassmorphism   Each trend or practice brings different perks and challenges alike. While we all like to be adopt different and newest design trends, we also need to ensure that our design is future-proof and will not go out of style after a few months.  Glassmorphism is […]

Enhance Your User Interface With These 5 Tips

When it comes to design, even the trivial seeming things can have a huge impact in creating efficient, accessible, and beautiful UIs. This blog will address those tiny changes that yield big results in terms of your design and user experience.  As the nursery rhyme goes “Little drops of water, little grains of sand, Make […]

User Onboarding – Principles and Best Practices

A good user onboarding flow is much more than a simple tour of the product. Designing a good user onboarding process is essential for product growth and user retention. Without it, you may risk the retention levels plummeting. A product that does not assist the user in understanding its utility has a very low level […]

The Good and the Bad of Dark UI Designs

From mobile screens to TV sets, dark UI designs are seen far and wide and appreciated for the visual appeal that they offer. A dark theme depicts sophistication and elegance. However, dark UI designing comes with multiple challenges. If the implementation is poor, things can very well go south. Digital products having dark UIs are […]

10 Design Principles for Exceptional User Interface

Creative visuals, attractive logo design, or intricate animations! What goes into making an exceptional user interface? A good UI includes a mix of factors that make it clear, consistent, simple, and user-oriented. Defining the requirements of a good user interface is especially critical if you are considering outsourcing your project. Your design and development partner […]

3 UX Gamification Techniques to Boost Engagement

Retaining your users is just as important as getting them on board for the first time. While curiosity could drive the initial engagements, sustaining those leads is another picture. Here’s where UX practices come into play. Gamification is one of the popular UX techniques that engage users within a challenge and reward cycle. It is […]

Micro Frontend | 4 Things to know before switching

The first part of this series uncovered the idea of Micro Frontends that is to break down the frontend monolith into smaller, more manageable pieces. (Read the blog here) Each team can constantly deliver small incremental upgrades, work in their proprietary codebase, independently release versions, own their features end-to-end, and also integrate with other teams […]

Micro Frontends – A Nimble Approach Towards Frontend Development

This is a two-parter series on Micro-Frontend and it’s implementation. And if you’ve already read this one, head on to the part two for 4 Things to keep in mind while working with Micro Frontends. As the business and product expands, the software architecture leaves us with a monolithic frontend and backend, and the inflexibility […]

A walk-through of different user onboarding UI patterns

There’s a popular user experience quote: “A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.” While clever, that statement is far from the truth. We agree that user interfaces shouldn’t be complicated. On the other hand, you can’t expect a new user to understand a new interface […]

5 Useful Tips For UX Designers 

How often does it happen that we put in days and weeks in designing the perfect UI design thinking that it will be a user delight. But when the first analysis comes in, the numbers paint a different and a rather disappointing picture. Every UX Designer under the sun has gone through this situation. Sometimes […]