Health care App development

Where IT meets Healthcare

When technology meets healthcare, patients benefit. Health-tech has revolutionized the way patients and doctors interact. Today, healthcare app revenue is thrice of what it was 2 years ago. Health care mobile apps focus on patient care including appointment, medical history, followups, medication tracking as well as diagnosis.

We help you develop custom health-tech solutions that meet your specification to assist the end user. Be it patient, doctor or hospital management. Our solutions are both user-friendly and highly effective to optimize the processes by reducing the number of clicks.

Medical mobile app development

Medical apps are the fastest growing startups. However, health care continues to be one of the most under-served segment in the App development industry. App revenues are expected to explode in the next few years.

There are countless solutions waiting to be made. Apps that could improve efficiency, reduce effort or simplify the current process that connect hospital administrators, doctors, pharmacist, insurance providers to patients. These app can be leveraged to improved daily life and foster positive patient outcomes. Galaxy can help you in brainstorming, research, prototype, beta-testing and actual development in both native and hybrid frameworks.


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How we can help you

Idea but no app

Medical app ideas don’t come from software developers — they come from medical professionals. Yet often medical professionals lack the skills to take an app from concept to market. That’s where our app development team comes in. Galaxy helps turn your idea into a Minimum Viable Product(MVP) to test market or gather funding.

App that needs scaling

Galaxy’s app development experts can help you scale your MVP into a fully functional and commercially viable reality. Our highly skilled software engineers excel at troubleshooting, improving functionality, interface design and app store submissions. With our guidance, you can scale your app idea into a feature-rich app to beat the competition.

Enterprise apps support

Health care product companies often believe that once the app is vetted and submitted, development process is over. At Galaxy, we know better. Getting and keeping traction will be a huge task. Our digital marketing experts help you make your mark. We also help with recurring software updates to keep you ahead of the curve.

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