Ideas Sharing & Development Portal is a unique forum which lets one share the idea, allows to brainstorm on it, collaborate to work and shape up thoughts into offering.

Galaxy Weblinks designed and developed the all new responsive platform succinctly to meet the requirements. The User Interface is planned to give an effortless navigation while offering host of functions. With a mere login one can create ideas/ projects, follow others, search users and form groups. Apart from this, it gives a window to connect through discussions, send messages and track related events. All in all, it turns out to be, a perfect solution to let feasible ideas grow into a product.
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  • UI/UX
  • Backend Development
  • Responsive Design
Logo Design
Website Solution The portal gives a perfect vent to the pent of ideas. Its navigation is architectured to with user friendly options - share ideas, evaluation, development and move to project. The varied range of choices like new projects, friends, groups, forums to connect with others and share messages. All of this has just been placed precisely to enable user get going with it.
Post your Idea Get it assessed and see feasible ones transforming into product.
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