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Hosting & Maintenance - Galaxy WeblinksMost people think that they have achieved their website's objective as soon as it is up and running on a server and pointing at a certain URL. Big mistake! We often believe to our convenience that as soon as our website is uploaded, we're done with our work. The truth, however, is that the real work starts after this point. Managing website consistency and up time is a very important factor in the overall success of any web project

Your website is like a business engine. Like any other engine, it requires regular oiling, maintenance and most importantly, dedicated attention. It could be anything from a small text edit or an additional page. At any point of time, there must be someone who knows the code for every key that can be put in your website. The bad news: You cannot always be that person. Website maintenance is often a full time work and if you put all your effort in just maintaining your website, when are you going to sell your stuff?
The good news: We can do this for you, and on very cheap rates.

We want you to be our long term customer. We want ourselves to be a part of your company by managing the technical aspects of your web presence. We can do that by assisting you in your requirements of not only web development jobs but also offer you website hosting & maintenance service. Our technical team can handle all the maintenance hassles while you can concentrate on other strategic issues.

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