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Magento Extension
Magento is a hugely popular choice as an ecommerce solution. The reason being it is scalable, search-engine friendly, easily customizable and have strong reporting features.  View all
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Website Ranking Software (KPMRS)
KPMRS is our in-house product that has become one of the most popular search engine rank monitoring tool among Internet marketing companies & SEO Consultants. It is a free SEO tool that monitors your website rankings for multiple keywords  View all
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iPhone App Builder for Restaurants
RESTOAPP is a helpful app for Restaurant owners to get connected with their customers in a novel way. Restaurant owners can attract new customers and can retain existing ones. With RESTOAPP customers can look at menus, images of items, learn about sizzling offers and much more.  View all
One Place Solution for all type of SEO WORK REPORT
SEOworkreport.com is a unique to manage your search engine optimization process. It allows clients to monitor their search engine optimization activities from remote locations.  View all
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Web Based Exam Management System
Examination Online is a one stop quick, cheap, secured and completely foolproof online examination software for your institute / organization that helps in conducting online exams with ease  View all
Custom iPhone/Blackberry newsreader for news publishers
Are you looking for an affordable and customized newsreader app to publish articles and news on iPhone/Blackberry? We are offering a cost-effective branded iPhone/Blackberry newsreader that allows newspaper, journals or magazine publishers to widen their reach, grab more audience and increase their mobile ad revenues.
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Custom Content Management System
Professional design template, manage Content, manage Flash Slideshow for Home Page, manage Blogs & News, manage Newsletter, event Calendar, photo Gallery (cost extra $500 one time), website Search , manage Testimonials, manage Videos (cost extra $500 one time), contact Us Form, shopping Cart.
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Banner Management Software
Display Banner is a banner management software that helps in displaying & rotating multiple banners from different publishers. It not only increases the click through by displaying more unique banners but also diversify your revenue stream.