Capture Email Address

As e-commerce store owners and online marketers, you are well aware of the grave problem of Cart Abandonment! Often visitors while viewing products, add them to the cart and completing only a part of checkout/registration, abandon the cart mid-process. Unexpected total high prices, unaffordable shipping costs, slow loading catalog/website, sudden disinterest in buying, 'just looking' attitude are a few reasons behind cart abandonment. By analyzing this type of buyer behavior, stores can provide better shopping-experience as well as save themselves millions of dollars. So, whether your Ecommerce store is experiencing cart abandonment problem owing to any(all) of these reasons, the skilled and experienced team of Galaxy Weblinks have developed a solution for you, the Magento User Data Capture Extension.

Features: Magento User Data Capture Extension

  • Collects the name and email address of the potential customer (who left without finishing the transaction) as well as his abandoned cart items. This information can be used to convert such customers to actual customers through retargeting and remarketing.
  • Displays the user's data in a tabular format which can be exported to an Excel sheet.
  • Easily and quickly integrable with all Magento versions.
  • Meets all Magento development practices.
  • It is soon planned to develop the functionality to send notification and recovery emails to such customers by a single click.
Capture Email Address - Ecommerce Web Application Development - Galaxy Weblinks
To be able to capture relevant customer data, the online store at the first/initial steps of checkout or registration, must ask for potential customer's name and email/contact details. Without this, the store can not reach them in case they abandon the cart and leave the online store.

After disabling your admin cache first, follow these steps:
  1. Extract the Magento User Data Capture module zip file
  2. Copy app/etc/modules/Galaxy_Userdata.xml to your magentoroot/app/etc/modules/ folder
  3. Copy app/code/local/Galaxy to your magentoroot/app/code/local/ folder
  4. Copy app/code/design/adminhtml/default/default/layout/userdata.xml to your magentoroot/app/code/design/adminhtml/default/default/layout/ folder
  5. Copy app/code/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/userdata to your magentoroot/app/code/design/adminhtml/default/default/template folder
  6. Copy js/userdata.js to your magentoroot/js/ folder
  7. Clear your cache
  8. Logout from your admin panel and login again. You should now be able to see a menu "Userdata"

In this menu, selection of dates through From and To fields, it is possible to get a list of the abandoned products in a certain interval. Further, it gives the customer information, viz., their names and email addresses, who selected these products during that interval.

Although, it's not possible for online retailers to have zero abandonment rate but it is always possible to bring it to a lower number. Higher the rate, lesser would be the sales and hence big loss in online business. Every customer lost due to cart abandonment is like an opportunity to initiate the process of analyzing an online customer's  purchase behavior as well as to improve the store presentation/payment options etc. to provide the user with a unique shopping experience.

The data captured with this extension can be used to infer lot of valuable information:
  • Customer's email collected with this module can be used to send recommendations of related/similar products. This may bring sales through once-lost customers.
  • For Ecommerce stores, it is an opportunity to show they care! In the retargeting emails, the customers can be involved and asked why did they abandon the cart/what else they were seeking. This is an attempt to show that the store is looking forward to serve them better by their valuable feedback.