Business Needs Conceptualization & Problem Solving

We learn about your business requirements; leverage our global expertise in the tools, platforms, systems, and processes most capable of meeting those needs; then design, test, and implement that solution to your satisfaction. Our experts have a long and successful history of helping a variety of organizations brainstorm and develop innovative technology solutions that, simply put, work.

Today, the barriers to entry with many technologies have fallen, allowing anyone with the idea for a better mousetrap to easily and quickly build a new application. But as any business owner knows, that’s only half the equation. Because the truth is, technology is a tool that, at the end of the day, powers the aspirations of an enterprise. In other words, technology is important, but how it is conceived and incorporated into the business is equally important.

At Galaxy, our principals have worked with innumerable startups, SMBs, and mature enterprises to help them tailor solutions to their unique business needs or troubleshoot problems preventing them from reaching their full potential. Specifically, we work hard to ensure our customers:

  • Don’t burn precious resources on unnecessary tools
  • Stay apprised of the latest developments and trends
  • Don’t in outdated, inappropriate, or cost-prohibitive applications
  • Have the right people, processes, and technology in place to succeed

We ensure that your project gets the technology expertise, conscious planning and the strategical implementation that it requires. We work to build your business with you, not just your website or mobile application.

Our business consultation services reign past, present and future projects to ensure you get the technology that works for you. Some of our specialized services include:
Galaxy Weblinks truly pulled our bacon out of the fire. We are thrilled not only with how responsive and capable they were in rescuing our project. But they have been absolutely critical in helping us further identify and define our offerings – precisely what you would want in a technology partner.

Clients who needed custom development


Fundraising platform for clubs & schools


Connecting providers to the patients remotely


Custom LMS, eLearning & assessment platform