Code Review Service

When it comes to quality software, the expectation is that code is clean, logical and bug free. In absence of this, your system can behave strange, crash, run poorly or create any number of errors. Bad source code can affect not only your product but also existing clients, potential sales and brand perception.

Our experts review static code for all types of softwares including websites, back-end, embedded and real-time applications. We ensure proper design, security, appropriateness of technology (language), complexity and performance. Paying attention to details like correct coding syntax, incorrect logic, testability, scalability and more.

Galaxy has software veterans that bring with them expertise and experience. We notice things that most software teams seem to miss. Any automated bug detection software can only review code, not how it affect user’s interaction. We map your software to your end user goals.

Some of the scenarios we help our clients with:

  • Internal quality control – “grade our work”
  • Due diligence in connection with purchase or sale
  • Improve user experience and brand image
  • Identify incorrect code or undefined behaviors
  • Determine conformance to industry best practices
  • Security review
  • Identify and resolve bugs, slow performance, or excessive memory consumption