Project rescue in software development

Over the years we have helped convert various projects from ‘in trouble’ status to ‘finished’. The reasons for the ‘in trouble’ status may be delayed timelines, incomplete code, outdated technology or unscalable platform. But, invariably, teams run out of excuses as to why the project has not finished in time.

So what is your current situation? Most projects start out with the best of intentions. However, addressing complex business problems require innovative solutions. Besides that, it requires great execution.

When the expectations do not align between the expected result and actual result. Teams often get involved in blame game; or try to salvage the damage with more resources, cutting down scope, or stagger development into phase projects. Beware of sliding updates (ones that omit milestones).

Do any of the above ring a bell? If it does, you need some real de-stress therapy. We bring our 15+ years of expertise to help solve your current, on-the-ground problem. From getting timely updates to seeing your project through, our team can help your team complete your project.

Here is how our experienced team helps you de-stress your project, starting day one-

  • Review the pain points and major issues in the project
  • Understand original requirements and identify gaps
  • Assess system architecture on code, database and deployment levels
  • Identify issues with user experience, performance and scalability
  • Recommend quick & effective short term solution to get things rolling
  • Plan long term solution for ensuring product scalability and extensibility