Rapid Prototyping

Before you jump right into developing your feature rich application, consider testing out a prototype. A prototype is a hi-fidelity and finer version of a mockup. Test layout, form, function and make as many design iterations as you like on-the-go.

While wireframes provide a structure to your idea, a prototype helps you navigate with your user. Application prototypes (both mobile and web) are critical for user feedback. They often help influence C-suite acceptance and leverage early stage funding.

Galaxy can help convert your idea into a real working mini-application within fast turnarounds. Such that you can go through navigation flow with actual clicks to give you a holistic user experience. Something that most tools miss out.

For you, our customer, there is no coding skills or special software download required. We discuss your idea in-depth, creating a list of must-have’s versus good-to-have’s. Together we walk through how you expect it to behave, and we version it like it should be.

Our process is simple– create, test, iterate, repeat.

Here is what we can help you with:

  • Brainstorm proof-of-concepts, MVP’s
  • Clarify the technical specification, features
  • Create UI design and HTML front-end
  • Setup database code structure
  • Work on iterations on-the-go
  • Estimate the time and cost for actual development