Usability testing

Usability testing is a process to check how easy or not your product- website or mobile app is. Its sole purpose is finding the problems that might need fixing. To ensure that your user interface is intuitive for your user demographic and eliminate any obvious accessibility problems.

Why need usability testing?

Simply because internet users are fickle creatures. At the first hint of poor performance, they abandon your website or mobile app. Thus, before you launch a new app or update an existing module or re-design your complete website ensure their experience throughout is seamlessly easy. Irrespective of whether you have 100 user or 1 Million.

Galaxy’s experts analyze the application from a user’s perspective to map the exact user flow, navigational structure, ‘calls-to-action’ effectiveness and industry standards compliance. We build test cases for each and every button that your user could click. Our comprehensive Usability Audit cover user goals, KPI metric and detailed test report including manual device testing for expected behavior.

And how do we deliver these reports, by following industry best standards. Our process entails:

  • Choosing goal based tasks to define expected behavior
  • Write scenarios for each navigation flow
  • Create tests across devices
  • Identify stumbling blocks, layout variations, design issues
  • Document issues and suggest rectification