Front End Development

Using a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Galaxy help you build everything your user see and interact with. From feature like fonts and colors to menus and CTA’s to web content such as photos and videos.



The three R’s of front-end- Relevance, Readability, Responsiveness
We believe that Front-end development should cover 3 R’s- Relevance, Readability and Responsiveness. Relevance relates ensuring that your layout- text and images provides context to your users helping them navigate easily, while Readability refers to the background-text color scheme, font style, size and variations among them. Responsiveness- the 3rd ‘R’ refers to the ability of your website to render in all different screen sizes effortlessly.

Our front-end experts help you ideate, plan and deliver a delightful user interface. It could be your website, web application, custom software or mobile site. The process for front-end development usually cover designing as well as coding.

Here is what we can achieve for you:

  • Template-based designs from wordpress, themeforest 
  • Custom layout for your specialized needs
  • Responsive designs for multiple devices
  • Interaction design including micro-interactions, error pages and more
  • SEO best practices to improve ranking
  • Collaborating APIs to allow social sharing and login