iOS/Android Development

iOS and Android are the most popular platforms. The reason native app development is really popular is due to its ability to stay in consumer’s smartphone. Galaxy has 6+years of native iOS and Android development across healthcare, education, transportation and services industries.

Here’s what we can do:

App Designing

App Developing

App Prototyping

App Testing

Our expertise lies in:

Creating beautiful UX and developing a strong back-end that results in an awesome app. Some our core strengths are -

  • Intuitive designs
  • Fit varying screen sizes
  • Optimize App Performance
  • Minimize background usage
  • Test push-notification
  • Configure to latest updates

Looking for alternatives?

We also work Hybrid Frameworks:

Why choose native app?

In contrast to a responsive website, which needs a browser and will only be viewed if and when the browser is opened; mobile app stays on the dashboard like any other default application.

While mobile apps are a successful marketing strategy, it's a hard nut to crack. A ‘Google’ 2015 study suggests - 25% of total new apps installed are never used and 26% of total new installed apps are abandoned after the first use. The consumer survey suggests 30% of users would become active if offered a discount, and 24% would reuse an app if offered exclusive or bonus content. These stats alone suggest the level of competition you face.

Apart from the market competition, you also need to face the development head on. Some of the common problems you can face while creating your mobile app are -

  • Crowded interface
  • Sizing issues in different devices
  • High load time leading to poor performance
  • High battery consumption when running on background
  • Duplicate or excessive notifications
  • Operability with frequent OS updates post launch