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Craft CMS: Building the frontend of a website using Twig and GraphQL

Craft is a mature and tested content management system. Airbnb, W3C, Netflix, PBS, Salesforce, Moz, and countless other brands switched to Craft CMS for redesigning their websites. That for sure proves its credibility against other popular CMSs. You can use Craft to design and develop complex and intuitive sites that rely heavily on PHP, databases, […]

How to use Macros with Twig in Craft CMS — DRY

Templating is one of the most commonly used processes in web development. It helps with easier management during the development & design process. Apart from the management, templating helps with keeping the visual consistency. Craft CMS comes with a cool templating engine — Twig. And we love to use macros to work on redundant parts while working […]

Craft Vs Perch: A Clash Of Customizable CMSs

In our earlier blogs we’ve favoured Craft CMS heavily because of its ‘content first’ philosophy. Perch also majorly focuses on the content but with functionality shredded down to the absolute basics. It’s so minimalistic and that it is considered to be appropriate for small-scale projects only. Anyways, Perch has its perks as compared to conventional […]

How to migrate a Craft 2 project to Craft 3?

Craft 3 update changed a lot of things. Added functionalities aside, the process of installing and maintaining the CMS also changed with this breakpoint release. Craft 3 almost makes it necessary to migrate your website from Craft 2. It is better in every aspect, including security and the extended plugin store. The store comes with […]

More Craft CMS Features: Matrix and Its Powerful Friends

Craft CMS’s consistency can be seen in its regular updates & latest features. Matrix is one of those early features that helped Craft dominate the CMS game. Matrix is the protagonist of the Craft’s story since its inception but there are some unsung heroes that need some attention too. Categories & Tags in Craft CMS […]

Debug Tool in Craft 3: Here’s all you need to know about it

Before introducing the Debug Tool in Craft 3, Craft CMS made you install a separate web-based application, Web-Console. You could run shell commands on your server to check for errors and missing elements in the written code. Not a fancy deal though! Especially when Craft 3 was designed to be a problem-solver. The lack of […]

How to Setup a New Project in Craft CMS 3

There are two ways you can set up a new project in Craft 3, vis-a-vis, via Composer and Manual. Both the methods require extensive technical expertise & understanding of Craft CMS. With Composer method you have to know your commands and what you’re doing with them but in case of the manual method you just […]

How To Get Started With SEO In Craft CMS

SEO in Craft CMS is easy and quick. Craft CMS offers several SEO options depending on the approach you choose. You can either optimize with plugins or manually. SEO for Craft can significantly improve your website’s traffic, CTR, and performance without having to shell out a hefty amount on paid promotions on a regular basis. […]

How To Create A Content Builder In Craft CMS

It is easy to create a content builder in Craft CMS. You can choose and define different fields for different needs. For example, to create a simple article you’d need feature image, title text, body text, quotes, and other media. Here’s your step-by-step guide to creating a content builder in Craft CMS. For this, you’ll […]