Who we are?

We are a group of folks that have evolved with technology and have been consistent early adopters. We are global residents with expertise in areas of design & development for web & mobile.

Our philosophy is to understand what you need and deliver that!

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients happy.

You can get to shipping with us during the day and hit the bar for beer later.

We are *that* Agile!

Our Leadership

Varun Bihani
Varun Bihani Partner
Anand Damani
Anand Damani Partner
Jim Babcock
Jim Babcock Advisor
Anoop Chatterjee
Anoop Chatterjee Advisor

Our Culture

Galaxy Weblinks is driven by inclusivity, happiness, and agility. We believe in partnership rather than helicopter assistance and we ensure that every single individual is driven by one thing: care.

Care for each other, care for partners, care for products, and care for processes.

Empathy is at our core and engulfs every single decision we make. We believe in a world that intersects & interacts with software, we are focusing on building it as human as possible.

culture image 1 We educate clients
culture image 2 We work and we play together
culture image 3 We are a diverse team
culture image 4 We are a family
sanjeevani spreading smiles logo

We’re trying to do our bit!

Sanjeevani is our quest to give back what we have received.

The motto “The more you give, the more you grow” supports the belief that social responsibility is a collective responsibility. With Sanjeevani, we aim to provide relief worth $20,000 in cash or kind within the next two years.

Our personal commitment extends beyond Galaxy Weblinks and our community is tasked with serving. For us, your needs – not ours – come first.

Let’s collaborate for better products and faster processes.