Agencies That Build #1 – Finding the right balance | Jay Owens

In this ever-changing and highly competitive technological landscape, people swear by the Hustle Mentality. “One needs to work 18 hours a day to be successful”. Well, our guest here thinks differently!

In the first-ever podcast by Agencies That Build, we invited Jay Owens, CEO – Design Extensions, a flourishing Florida-based Digital Agency to be our guest speaker. With Thor’s Mjölnir in hand, Jay Owens busted this and other interesting entrepreneurial myths with us.

In this episode, the ‘Agency Whisperer’, Jay Owens talks about his journey as an agency owner and striking a balance in personal and professional life. We also talk about the best ways to achieve business goals, giving optimum value to the customers and banishing uncertainties around outsourcing.

Jay says and we have to agree – “The customer is not always right, that can be enabling.” He has a way with words and the experiences he brings to the table are very relatable.

He shares that when you know that your customer is making an error in judgment or taking the wrong decision, you don’t ‘yes man’ them. You tell them the best way to address the problems and get them back on the right track. After all, that is why they hired your services!

Jay stressed on the value you are providing while building the solution for your customers. The agencies need to ponder, “what is the product that you are good at producing, that provides real value for people, that you are excited about selling?” Then get a system in place to sell it.

In the quest of maximizing the value you provide to your clients, you may need to bring in the right development partners, and if needed, outsource to the devshops overseas. Clients may be a little skeptical! But, you know that for quicker turnarounds and the best quality of work, offshoring to development partners is the best bet; so you ease them into it.

After all, everyone is just trying to get the job done. No matter where they are geographically based.

Some of the other key highlights of the podcast –

  • You need to physically write down your goals, what you want your life to look like in 1 year, 3 years, and 10. Then ask, “what needs to be true today for that to be true tomorrow? What needs to change?”
  • Be intentional about relationships and the people around you- have great people to look up to, people standing beside you and you need someone to look up to you, to mentor.

Our podcast will help you put your outsourcing fears to rest, as Jay Owens takes you through his journey as an agency owner. Listen to the podcast here!

There’s also a YouTube link to the podcast!

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