AirTag | New addition to Apple’s Ecosystem

2021 also turned out to be a year of virtual events and product releases. Apple has been dominating the scene lately after the virtual launch of the iPhone 12. The ‘Spring Loaded’ event on April 20th had some exciting and colorful announcements for Apple aficionados. 

AirTag was announced in Apple’s tight-knit ecosystem to keep track of things utilizing Apple’s large network of devices. AirTag will enable users to locate lost or stolen items through the Find My app on their iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

In contrast to their rival Tiles; AirTag is circular. Tiles and AirTag offer similar features. However, AirTag is backed up by a colossal existing network of millions of Apple devices. It also comes equipped with ultra-wideband tech, the same as iPhone 12 and other recent devices. 

Read on to find out all there’s to know about these exciting little circular trackers.

Apple AirTag Pricing

  • $29/£29 for one AirTag
  • $99/£99 for four AirTags

The Apple AirTag will cost $29 in the US or $99 for four in the US. It’s Apple so there are add-ons to buy along with AirTag like Hermes key ring, bag charm, and luggage tag. 

AirTag Specifications

  • 31.9 mm (1.26 in) Thickness : 8 mm (0.31 in)
  • 11 g (0.39 oz)
  • IP67 protection
  • User-removable CR2032 battery(Claimed to last about a year)
  • Personalization available

With personalization, you can customize your AirTag with an emoji or a name. 

AirTag Features

  • Find My app tracking
  • Precision Finding
  • Ask Siri to find
  • Seamless setup
  • Built-in speaker
  • IP67 Water and Dust resistance(up to 1-meter for 30 minutes)

You can easily attach AirTag to your everyday items to keep track of it. Its integration with iOS allows you to find things via the ‘Find My’ app instantly and with ease. 

How does it work?

The “U” in U1 stands for “ultra-wideband” (UWB). It’s a low-energy, short-range radio technology used for wireless data transmission. It’s more precise than Bluetooth. The distance measured between two UWB devices is more reliable as it is measured by calculating the time it takes for radio waves to pass to and fro between said devices, hence providing pinpoint precision to find things attached to the device. 

For the older devices that don’t have a U1 chip, AirTag also supports Bluetooth.

Finding with ‘Find My’

The easiest and the most Apple way to find your device would be by asking Siri when you misplace it. You can also use the ‘Find My’ app to ping the tag and quickly find something like keys via sound inside your home. 

What about when things get lost outside your home?

You can use your phone to see AirTag’s last seen location in the ‘Find My’ app. This is for more favorable scenarios like forgetting something at your friend’s place or office. AirTag is a game-changer when you misplace something or when something gets stolen. In that case, you can put the AirTag in the Lost mode and the device will utilize the wider network of other Apple devices to find your device.

This is a passive process that happens in the background; securely and privately. And when the device is found the owner gets an alert regarding the whereabouts. Everything is encrypted and happens passively, so people won’t be able to detect and steal others’ AirTags, not even Apple can’t see what’s happening.

What if someone finds my AirTag?

When someone finds your lost item with an AirTag, they can tap it via NFC and the Tag will show the owner’s contact info. They don’t necessarily have to possess an Apple device to interact with it and report it. It can be any NFC device.

What If someone involuntarily slips an AirTag to track me?

Apple has also thought of the downsides of this as well. It was one of our concerns too, what if someone misuses AirTag to track someone without their consent? Fortunately, Apple has designed AirTag with that possibility in mind. Your app will alert you in case an unknown AirTag is detected with you. You can disable them for your safety. 

We are always excited to see what Apple is going to do next. AirTag is a convenient piece of technology but the extent of its application is yet to be explored. We are also looking forward to developing iOS applications that utilize this advanced tech. Introductions such as AirTags present refreshing and creative opportunities for us to explore.   

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