All there’s to know about the new Swift UI 5.1 update

Apple in its annual WWDC made some game changing announcements like a new Mac Pro, an exclusive OS for iPad, iOS 13 release, new Apple tvOS and a Swift UI 5.1 update.

The Swift UI 5.1 update was overshadowed by these major product and software announcements. This new declarative UI goes a long way in making a developer’s life easy. That means you have a lot less code to deal with due to Swift 5.1 framework update.

What’s new in Swift UI 5.1?

Function builder

A custom attribute type, function builder is among the major features announced in the 5.1 update. This improve your code’s readability via ‘declarative UI’ approach. The need of a bunch of brackets gets eliminated, making your code less messy.

ABI stability

Now that Apple has improved ABI’s stability, swift code will directly work with a binary interface. This will reduce the application’s size. It will also result in easier code integration with newer language updates.

Opaque result type

Developers will surely like this one. Opaque types hide their internal details from the outside world and are only compatible when used explicitly. Also its data structure is not defined in an interface.

Other notable changes:

  • Drag and drop option will help in picking varied elements and drop them on any canvas
  • Rich notification
  • Live preview of the changes made in code
  • Dark mode support
  • Module stability enabling integration with future updates
  • Support of right to left languages like Arabic and Hebrew

Apple is on its toes. Fixing all the bugs and errors reported within the community. The Swift UI 5.1 update is an all-rounder package which improves on stability, interface, and security but still remains in Beta. Guess we’ll have to wait a little longer for a stable release.

What are your thoughts on this update and the future Swift UI? Get in a conversation with us here.


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