Choosing the right QA tool for your organization

Selecting the right QA tool from a list of the most popular ones is difficult. Your operational scope defines your testing needs. Getting it right will go a long way in the success of your organization.

Earlier we talked about how you can prep your webapp for the worst case scenarios. This list of QA tools based on the size and scope of your business will help you through the testing process.

The New Players in the Field- Startups

When someone says startup, you picturize few people juggling multiple tasks .

When you’re a startup, a tight budget and lack of experience makes testing a last priority on the SDLC. Your product’s stability is at stake if no testing is involved. To ensure the product’s stability you can use these automation testing tools:

  • Ranorex- Ranorex gives an all-inclusive framework for testing of desktop, web, and mobile applications. It has a friendly GUI beneficial for beginners. And has a fully developed IDE for the automation pros as well.
  • Helix ALM- Previously known as TestTrack, Helix ALM is developed by Perforce. It provides application life-cycle management. The software allows developers to manage requirements, defects, issues, and testing during software development.
  • Katalon Studio- It is a complete automation solution for the testing of web, API, and mobile apps. Built on top of Appium and Selenium automation frameworks. It can be used by people from the technical or non-technical background.
  • LambdaTest- It is a leading cross browser test automation tool. You can perform tests on 2000+ browsers ensuring that the end user gets the same experience across all browsers and operating systems.

Players honing their skills- SMEs

As an SME organisation, centralized knowledge of software causes hindrance in team processes. The integration process with the current software leads to disruption in the working environment. Some QA tools facilitating easy integration are:

  • Jenkins- Jenkins comes with many plugins which facilitates automating any task. It can be used for project building, bug detection, analysis of code, et al.
  • Travis- It is one of the leading continuous integration tools available in the market with clients like Facebook, Mozilla, and Twitter. It automates the process of software testing and applications deployment and integrates your GitHub projects.
  • Shippable- Shippable’s main purpose is to act as a single platform for continuous integration, automation, and deployment. It gives custom reports for code coverage. Shippable works with C/C++, Java, and cloud providers like Amazon and Google.
  • TestCollab- TestCollab offers all-in-one platform for an application’s testing. Testcollab can be integrated with bug trackers and test automation tools. It helps in creating projects, setting milestones, test cases, and analyzing the test results. It supports two-way integration with issue tracking systems like JIRA and Redmine.
  • TeamCity- TeamCity from Jetbrains is an intelligent CI server solution for software organizations of all sizes. Its easy to set up and simple to use. It has a gamut of features designed for developers like intuitive foundation, detailed reports, and new builds. This aids in increasing the overall productivity of the teams.

Established players : Large Entreprises

QA engineers at enterprises agree that decentralization hinders their working to some extent. There are software performing similar functions leading to duplication of information. And for some functions there is no suitable software. These diversified needs call for a holistic software. Some of the software which will help in solving such problems are:

  • Selenium- Selenium can automate across OS like Windows, Linux and browsers like Firefox, Chrome, IE. It can be written in C#,Java Python and Ruby.
  • Silk Central- Silk Central is a test management tool which supports test planning, execution and reporting. It can be used by software organization of all types and sizes. It helps in driving collaboration and control in the whole testing process.
  • TestRail- It is a quality assurance and test management tool used by QA teams for organizing, managing, and tracking software testing process.
  • Zephyr- Zephyr gives real time reports from the integration of various testing tools. Using Zephyr with JIRA allows creation of test and its execution according to the testing cycle.
  • qTest- qTest helps in bringing structure and efficiency into the automation process.Teams spread across the globe can be easily coordinated with effortless creation and deployment of tasks.

All in all, testing is about being cautious and…

Prevention is always better than cure.

Testing tools are equipped with all the precautions you need for a flawless product release. We know how it feels when your software fails in production. Ping us here to know how we fail-proof our software and how can we do it for you.


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