Comparing and Evaluating the Best QA Automation Tools of 2021

A test automation tool helps teams and organizations automate their software testing process. Automation reduces the need for human intervention, achieving greater speed, reliability, and efficiency.

Software is getting more and more complex. Consumer demands are growing. This leaves developers under constant pressure to deliver new apps and updates fast. Regardless of the pressure, software testing remains a necessary process to ensure quality.

Developers look to automated testing to speed up the QA and maximize efficiency. Manual testing is important and will remain so. But, automation helps development agencies save time and money. 

QA automation tools take over repetitive tasks. It frees teams to do more complex or more creative problem-solving. That said, 100% automated testing isn’t a thing yet. Automation tools only help take the mundane stuff off the developer’s plate. Time and energy saved by developers are proportional to money saved by the client.

In this post, we are discussing a handful of QA automation testing tools on the market and what they do. 


Here are the Best QA Automation Tools of 2021/2022

  1. LambdaTest
  2. Testim
  3. Kobiton
  4. Appsurify
  5. Mabl
  6. AppliTools
  7. Zebrunner
  8. Katalon Studio


Lambda eliminates all the pain of managing a Selenium infrastructure with an online Selenium Grid. Lambda’s Selenium Grid comes with the latest & legacy browsers & OS. Selenium reporting features are not impressive, but Lambda Test takes care of that. 

  • Lambda’s detailed automation test logs help in debugging Selenium scripts. 
  • Test logs include exception logs, command logs, network logs, raw Selenium logs, and metadata. 
  • Lambda provides video recording of the entire script execution with command screenshots. 
  • It allows extraction of Selenium reports using RESTful Selenium API.


Testime is not a tool but a platform. It includes all the prime factors of automated tests. Authoring & execution, maintenance, troubleshoots, reporting, etc. 

Testime increases the extensibility and stability of the test suites. It allows the extension of the functionalities of the platform. For that, it uses complex programming logic with JavaScript and HTML.

Testim empowers users to write customized tests that can be codeless or coded. It uses artificial intelligence to make tests resilient. It can run parallel tests across browser types on its test cloud and create and publish bug reports. Testim caters to both beginner and advanced users. Even non-technical team members can create code-free tests. 


Kobiton lets you build a test execution plan for a mobile app or website. You can build, test, deploy, and release mobile apps, websites, and IoT devices. Wherever users want – real devices, on-premise, or in the cloud. 

Kobiton automates AI-driven scriptless solutions and AI-assisted script generation. Also the functional, performance, and visual tests. With Kobiton, automate test scripts from manual test sessions to execute on devices. Kobiton’s NOVA AI engine auto-generates Appium scripts without any actual scripting required. Kobiton also supports integration into all the major CI/CD platforms.


Appsurify’s risk-based testing tool fetches immediate test feedback from automation testing. Appsurify TestBrain is not a test tool. It is a tool that makes existing testing run faster and better. It can come as a Saas or on-premise solution. 

TestBrain addresses common testing issues. Slow test completion, flaky failures, delayed test results, unstable builds, inefficient CI pipelines, etc.

Appsurify TestBrain works with all test frameworks (UI, E2E, Integration, etc.). It gives results back in 92% less time. 

TestBrain uses machine learning to determine the application’s area that developers changed. It then only runs the relevant tests affected by those changes. It helps in running the right tests from the test suite. Saves you from wasting time and money on tests that are certain to pass. 


Mabl follows the hot trend of using AI and machine learning to help developers with testing. Mabl is an intelligent test automation tool made for fast-paced delivery cycles. Mabl integrates automated end-to-end testing into the entire SDLC.

To start, point Mabl to your application. It will begin with running default tests, common for most applications. It also uses machine-learning algorithms to improve test execution and defect detection. 

Mabl allows standardization of the cloud-native testing platform. Every team member can contribute to automated test creation and quality. It also supports the integration of testing into existing workflows. 

It has features like issue tracking, CI/CD, communication tools, and more. AI-powered auto-healing means your tests learn and evolve as the application evolves. 


AppliTools is a complete automation framework for visual UI regression testing. It runs functional and visual tests across every app, browser, OS, and screen size. If you are serious about automating UI testing, you may want to give Applitools a try. 

  • Dozens of SDKs for all major languages (JS, Python, Ruby, & PHP)
  • Capture visual differences via full-page screenshots
  • Compare visual differences across every platform
  • Run functional and visual tests

AppliTools has a clean and aesthetic user interface. Boxes and panels keep projects and tests looking highly organized.


Zebrunner is an easy-to-use Test Automation Management Tool. It provides rich test artifacts and smart analysis of failures in real-time. Zebrunner is integrated with the carina-core open-source TestNG framework. It uses Jenkins as a CI Tool. It is built on top of popular docker solutions like Postgres database, Selenium Hub, Mobile Device Farm (MCloud), Zebrunner Reporting, Jenkins Master/Slaves Nodes, SonarQube, etc. With Zebrunner, the QA team gains 24/7 access to QA processes.

The tool enables fast bug fixing and easy collaboration over test results. It gives a range of benefits to the developer: 

  • Identification of flaky tests
  • Access to rich artifacts
  • AI failure reason analysis
  • Ready-made quality trend dashboards
  • Sharing test reports via email
  • Integration with on-premise CI environment, etc. 

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is a complete test automation solution for mobile, API, desktop, and web testing. It changed the use of open-source frameworks by eliminating the technical complexities. It allows testers to create, run, report, and manage automated tests.

The tool provides codeless test creation for amateurs. And, endless script extension and customization for pros. Any user can generate and execute tests on different OSs.

Katalon Studio offers a host of integrations like SDLC and CI/CD management, team collaboration, etc. It also supports Cucumber which is a BDD-focused software allowing test writing in plain language. 


The rewards of QA automation…

Automated testing is a great way to save your company time and money. While also speeding up the testing process and delivering higher accuracy. Automation won’t do everything. You still have to pick the right tools to create and maintain the tests. Also, remember that manual testing will always be necessary to some extend. Use automated testing with manual testing and you get to catch a high number of bugs and defects. 

Experts like Galaxy Weblinks can help you combine the two methods for good. We also help you with tool selection and usage. Visit the website to learn more and chat with us.

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