Dos and Donts to Keep in Mind for Building an Ecommerce Website

Despite stiff competition from the brick-and-mortar stores, the Ecommerce space is thriving. 

  • Digital Commerce 360 estimates that the consumers worldwide spent nearly $4.29 trillion online in a pandemic-fueled 2020, up from $3.46 trillion in 2019. 
  • By 2023, Ecommerce sales are expected to double to an astounding $6.5 billion.

In the post-pandemic world, people are likely to opt for online shopping for their regular and not-so-regular shopping. If you currently run an online business or plan to launch an Ecommerce venture soon, you have a great chance of success. 

We would however like to point out that attracting and retaining customers largely depends on how your Ecommerce website is built and the user experience. Failing this, your customers are likely to abandon their efforts to purchase your products or services. 

How can you ensure that your Ecommerce website meets (or even exceeds) the expectations of your customers? We have listed 8 ‘Dos and Donts’ that you must keep in mind while developing your Ecommerce website. 

Do These Things When Developing an eCommerce Site 

#1 Failing to Plan = Planning to Fail 

Whether you’re starting an online store, redesigning your website, or preparing to launch a new marketing campaign, solid execution needs careful coordination of numerous activities. Therefore, we recommend that you start with a plan that covers all the contingencies. Your plan should include key objectives as well as a timeline for when you want to reach certain milestones. Aside from that, it should include key metrics for measuring your progress and success. Don’t forget to plan financially to help get your business off the ground and save for future investments.

#2 Ensure Your Website is Responsive

A web search accounts for approximately 39 percent of global Ecommerce traffic — and with more people using their mobile devices than ever before, you’ll likely have a good number of prospective customers who will try to visit your site from their smartphones. If you’re wondering why you need a mobile-friendly website, one good reason is that a non-responsive website will immediately deter anyone who finds your site on their phone or tablet. When you hire a company to create a custom web design for your Ecommerce business, make certain that their work is responsive. Otherwise, you risk alienating mobile customers who are otherwise eager to place an order.

#3 Focus on Shopping Cart Design

Customers will not take the risk of checking out if the shopping cart does not function properly. It is preferable to have a cart that allows the customer to easily add different products and quantities as well as make revisions or deletions. You must provide pricing transparency, especially when discount codes or gift vouchers are used, and allow customers to get a clear idea of the shipping charges they may incur before proceeding to the next step in the process. If a product in a customer’s shopping cart sells out before they can buy it, it’s a good idea to include special notifications. 

#4 Open Source or SaaS – Choose wisely

You’ll have a significant decision to make as you enter the world of Ecommerce, depending on a variety of factors such as your company’s current and future needs, as well as budgetary and other constraints. Should you host your online store on an open-source or SaaS platform?

If you don’t need a highly customized online store and instead want to focus your energy and time on running and scaling your business rather than managing technology, a SaaS platform will suffice. It will save you a lot of time and money while allowing you to focus on your business goals. 

If you want a highly customized shopping experience, open-source is a good option.

Avoid These Habits When Building an Ecommerce Site

#1 Don’t Make Customers Do the Work

You’ll want to make the customer’s journey as clear as possible with any type of custom web design. This is especially true for Ecommerce websites, where any confusion or frustration can cause a customer to abandon their cart. Make certain that your website is simple to use and that there are no inherent complications that would cause anyone to reconsider placing an order. Your custom web design should be created in such a way that achieving any specific result requires only a few clicks. In general, you should not waste the customer’s time.

#2 Don’t Forget Call to Action

A call-to-action is essential, especially when encouraging customers to make an immediate purchase. While you should avoid overcrowding your custom web design with too many buttons, links, or pop-up advertisements, you should also not pass up an opportunity to create an incentive. Weigh your options carefully and ensure that all calls to action serve a specific purpose and can demonstrate real pay-off.

#3 Don’t Think Ecommerce as a One-time Project

Setting up Ecommerce for your business requires a great deal of care and attention to detail to ensure that everything is perfect. You must update your website regularly to reflect the most recent products and their prices. Check that all of the pages and links are functional and that the checkout process is working.

#4 Don’t Try To Do Everything at Once

While it is true that juggling multiple activities is required to achieve online success, keep in mind that you cannot do everything at once. Attempting to accomplish everything right away will work against you, leaving you feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and discouraged. Instead, plan wisely, set realistic goals, and carry out your activities per your pre-established schedule. 

Wrapping Up

An Ecommerce website has the potential to completely transform your business. It can not only increase your sales but also help you establish your company on a global scale – all without the hassle of opening a physical store.
Developing an Ecommerce website indeed necessitates a significant amount of sweat, time, effort, and money. A good Ecommerce site, on the other hand, can not only increase sales but also retain more long-term customers than you could ever expect if you know the right techniques.

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