Enhance Your User Interface With These 5 Tips

When it comes to design, even the trivial seeming things can have a huge impact in creating efficient, accessible, and beautiful UIs. This blog will address those tiny changes that yield big results in terms of your design and user experience. 

As the nursery rhyme goes “Little drops of water, little grains of sand, Make the mighty ocean, and the pleasant land”

1. Be Succinct. Cut the fluff

Work with your UX resources to keep the messages concise. Speak to your user in the language they understand. The general rule of thumb is to keep it simple. Avoid jargon and speak to them in a voice they understand, assisting them in achieving their goals more easily.

2. Increase the body font if your typeface allows

Articles, project descriptions, and other long-form content read better if the body copy is 20pt or more. It would also depend on the typeface that you’re using, but the more common ones look great at 20pt and provide for a better reading experience when going through exhaustively long texts. 

3. Use Icons and descriptions in error states

Colors can help convey messages but don’t rely on colors completely to convey crucial information. Using only colors in your design for important information like error states is like leaving out a large chunk of the audience at the mercy of guesswork. Introduce icons and descriptive texts along with the color to make it more inclusive and accessible. 

4. Decrease spacing and height in headings

Headings are shorter allowing you to play with letter space and line-height. But they are also bigger in font size than the body text, so the spacing between the letters appears optically larger. Reducing the letter-spacing will make headings look more balanced and provide a more optimal reading experience. 

5. Utilize shadows and borders to highlight important stuff

Shadows and borders can help make the on-page elements appear sharper and more defined.  

With this nifty little tip, you can easily highlight on-page elements. Just don’t go overboard with the shadows, there’s a thin line between neat and tacky.  

Source: Smart_boy Dribbble

Wrap up

Us humans, we often complicate things that are fairly simple. Good UX can be as easy as going against your experimental instincts and sticking to the basics. These tips will help you in that basic pursuit. Use these tips as a guide for your next project, and you’ll be sure to deliver not only a functional product with great UX, but one that users will want to return to. 

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