Flutter Global Summit ’21 – Highlights and Takeaways

Flutter Global Summit 21 introduced several new and improved features, as well as some new tools. Flutter, originally introduced as a cross-platform mobile development tool, is now covering a broader range of development areas, particularly when combined with its native development language, Dart. Take a look at our top takeaways from this summit!

1. State Management- Riverpod

Riverpod allows you to manage the state of your application in a compile-safe manner while sharing many of the benefits of Provider (which instead of manually writing InheritedWidget, acts as a wrapper and common way to consume those InheritedWidgets).

Reverpod also provides numerous additional benefits, making it an excellent choice for Flutter state management.

This was a topic that sparked a lot of debate and a variety of solutions. There is even a league table of popular Flutter state management solutions. The provider is one of the most popular solutions, and Riverpod is marketed as a Provider without limitations.

2. Debugging – Dart DevTools

Flutter includes a set of performance and debugging tools, and the summit highlighted some of the advantages of learning them, such as the ability to monitor and filter network calls. Common development issues were also highlighted and how Flutter has a DevTool to solve each one.

3. Game Engine for Animation

Flame has given Flutter developers a path to include game-like features in their apps by providing an animation game engine. Flame is a modular Flutter game engine that provides a comprehensive set of out-of-the-box game solutions. It makes use of Flutter’s powerful infrastructure while simplifying the code required to build your projects.

Forge2D includes a physics engine similar to Box2D — it is a fork of Box2D, which has been used in many popular games. Forge2D is one of several tools that work with Flame.

4. Localization and Internationalization

The range of complexity presented by internationalization, which is far more complex than translating the text, was highlighted. Texts, plurals, dates, numbers, currencies, legal jargon, and other topics were all covered, demonstrating that there is a lot to think about when you understand the need to localize as well as translate.

The process of designing a software application so that it can be adapted to different languages and regions without requiring engineering changes is known as internationalization. The process of adapting internationalized software for a specific region or language by translating text and adding locale-specific components is known as localization.

5. Dart on the server- Serverpod

Serverpod is a next-generation app and web server that is designed specifically for the Flutter and Dart ecosystems. Serverpod solves the problem that developers face when creating a full-stack application that includes a mobile or web frontend and a back-end server with a database.

Instead of learning server-side programming languages and tools, Serverpod, an open-source product in development, aims to keep the developer working with Dart while also generating much of the required code to create your server API. It also produces Flutter client code.

Final Thoughts

Given that Flutter is now widely used on the web, it was interesting to hear panelists state that Flutter is not the best tool for general web application development. Waft is best suited for progressive web applications and single-page apps. Flutter’s strength is in its interactivity.

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