How to Choose the Right Shopify Development Partner?

Ecommerce has been growing at a swift pace along with the several platforms such as Shopify over which these websites are built. Building your company’s online Shopify store is similar to building your new house and choosing the right Shopify development company is very crucial.

There are a lot of moving parts to analyze, design, plan and set up. While setting up a Shopify store is easy, but making sure that your visitors have a good user experience is crucial for the success of your Ecommerce website. This is where the right Shopify development team can understand your requirements and help your business grow. 

In this article, we discuss the need for a Shopify development team and highlight a few important considerations that will help you make the right selection. 

Why should you hire a Shopify development team?

Once you have decided to develop an Ecommerce website, there are plenty of things for you to worry about including getting your product-market fit right, sourcing products, managing inventory, preparing a marketing strategy, etc. Developing a Shopify platform and adding it to your list of priority things takes your crucial time away from the other important considerations that are needed to grow your business. This is where an expert Shopify development team helps you free up your time while handling the development aspects of your ecommerce website. We have listed below a few considerations why there is a need for a Shopify development team. 

  • Saves your time so that you can focus on your core business objectives
  • Helps you with customized Shopify design and development for your Ecommerce website
  • Has relevant technical expertise working with CRMs, API integration, SEO optimization, page speed optimization, inventory management, email marketing solutions, etc.
  • Saves you cost if outsourced in comparison to building an in-house team
  • Helps you focus on building the right Ecommerce website that targets your business objectives such as increasing sales, maximizing conversions, enhancing user experience, etc.

How to choose the right Shopify development partner?

Once you have decided to hire a Shopify development team, the key considerations in selecting the right partner are – 

  • Alignment

The Shopify development vendor should understand your business requirements, help focus on priorities, advice from a technical perspective, and execute work efficiently. 

  • Expertise 

It is crucial that your Shopify development team has in-depth knowledge of the Shopify platform and its versions. The team should have required programming skill sets, have experience working with APIs integration, have expertise in building and integrating custom Shopify apps and themes, deep knowledge of database technologies for storage and information management, etc. A good approach to evaluate their expertise is to ask about a few of their Shopify project portfolio and speak to a few of their references. 

  • Best Practices

A gap in understanding of the requirements can cause the complete failure of your project. Hence, it is important that the Shopify development company follows best industry practices across communications, execution, documentation, budgeting, quality assurance, security, etc. Project management methods can vary greatly between companies and for a successful engagement with a company, it is crucial that they follow a process that is organised, consistent, and supports quality control.

For offshore partners, good communications is a must to understand requirements correctly and efficiently coordinate for smooth and timely execution. In order to better understand their best practices, you should discuss your project needs and evaluate how they plan to execute the development process. 

  • Pricing

Cheapest isn’t the best option while selecting a Shopify development vendor, so always look at the bigger picture. Never pick a vendor purely on the basis of their rate. Rather look at the approach they came to the pricing. The best way is to review a few proposals and compare the project plans and time estimates for each phase. Understand the no. of hours, resources each vendor is proposing, and then compare their total costs. Additionally, most vendors provide support/maintenance services, and their pricing can vary. Look at the monthly support hours each vendor is proposing and at what cost. The company should handle all crucial issues for you such as version upgrades, security patch installations, bug fixing, design updates, customization, plugin integrations, performance enhancements, etc. 


Running a successful Shopify Ecommerce website in today’s highly competitive online environment requires a good development partner who understands your business requirements and provides a helping hand in realizing your company’s vision, achieving your growth plans and having a great user experience. If you’ve any doubts related to Ecommerce platforms and if you need assistance developing one, then feel free to talk to us here.


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