How To Create A Content Builder In Craft CMS

It is easy to create a content builder in Craft CMS. You can choose and define different fields for different needs. For example, to create a simple article you’d need feature image, title text, body text, quotes, and other media.

Here’s your step-by-step guide to creating a content builder in Craft CMS.

For this, you’ll have to go in Craft CMS control panel & create a Matrix field type. You can then populate that field with the text, image, pull quote blocks. These blocks let you define the recurring structure of the content you’re going to post.

Create a matrix field with desired content blocks

Roses are red, Matrix is neat. Craft has tons of Blocks, which ones do you need?

Text Block

Rich text is better when it is used with some constraints. The text field in Craft does just that by providing you with only necessary formatting options.

Image Block

Images make the content comprehensible & if you want your content to be consumable then image blocks are a necessity.

Quote Block

This block can be used to highlight the crucial part of any information or for simply quoting your favourite author.

Code Block

Code block is not a necessity but if at some point you plan to upload some technical content on your website then addition of this block in the matrix will help.

The fields are created to define the content layout of the page. The sections are defined by what fields are they going to have. You just have to include the created fields in the desired section.

Go to settings and drop the blocks of fields inside the section/page for which you defined the content layout for.

Tweak the template for content variables

Tetris is fun, but it ends here. Templating is also fun, but only trickier.

For every block type you create in control panel, a twig template partial needs to be created to enable it. The names of the block types should be the same when you include it in the twig template partial.

Defining the content type in the Template

You will have to define the types of images that are going to be used in your content. These are commonly used images, you can add more according to your needs:
1. Normal Images
2. Full Width Images
3. Infographic Images

Defining Text Type

You can use a full fledged Rich text block if you want. But, if you need uniformity in your content then a constrained approach to Rich text block is the way to go. It gives you the absolute necessary editing options.

Additionally, you can always use plugins if you desire a particular look and feel.

Defining Quote Type

You can define the basic formatting of the quote and how it differs from the body text. And if you’re willing to go an extra mile, Typogriphy plugin helps a lot to make your quotes stand out.

Defining Code Type

You can decide how the code will look like with Twig. Codes are a crucial part of technical content and here in the template they can be formatted to look less complex.

After when you’re done with creating fields, adding it to the sections and defining the field variables in the template, edit your content with live preview. Open the control panel to make final changes if needed. Save the changes and proceed.

Your minimalistic Craft content builder is ready

Craft’s content builder is the result of their ‘Content First’ philosophy. It equips you with an impressive level of control over different fields of the content. It also eliminates your dependency on themed layouts which control what and how you can post.

We have been building websites for small to medium enterprises and are absolutely in love with Craft’s ‘Content First’ approach.

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