Pronovos and Galaxy | Adding analytics to construction management for a more robust solution

Made for a labor intensive industry, ProNovos is a project management tool that simplifies construction project data with dashboards and graphical visualization. We made the solution for web and mobile with industry best practices in mind. Apart from the back end engineering and experience design we also did custom development.


  • Custom Development
  • Back end Engineering
  • Experience Design
  • Systems Integration
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Scope: Custom Development, Back end Engineering, Experience Design, Systems Integration

Technology Stack: .NET, C#, Laravel, Mysql, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, PDFTron & DHTMLX - Gantt.

ProNovos is project management tool for the construction industry. It lets project team members and vendors connect, curate, report, manage and collaborate on a single platform. The folks at Pronovos wanted detailed reporting and dependency based scheduling.

The initial solution was based on .NET, which was lacking custom features they were looking to implement. We recommended them to go with PHP.

Detailed reports for better data visualization

Their needs were specific; to build an easy-to-use automated system with scaling potential. We built a custom dashboard and reporting application to accommodate all the required categories and job types.

The application now has room for-

  • Unlimited job codes
  • Pay durations
  • Internal and third-party data sources

It also includes a variety of algorithms for estimating, calculating, and analyzing time costs.

Other features and integrations that we’ve implemented for ProNovos in the process

  • Dependency based scheduling
  • Tool and Role based user access control for data safety
  • MicroStrategy analytic tool integration
  • Sage 300 integration

Challenge of retaining legacy system

Being in labor-intensive industry, the construction project management tools are generally used by non-tech folks. ProNovos asked us to retain the existing UI to avoid future aversion.

Building on an existing product brings in different kind of difficulties.

Migration was one of the major issues with the retention of existing systems. The two sets of database(old and new) had different data models. Leaving us with two options, either to hand-code the mapping or use tools like Eclipse to do the mapping for us.

We used Eclipse for the most part but we had to hand code wherever some columns or elements were missing. We created data element mappings between the legacy and the new database models.


  • Result oriented precise and granular reporting
  • Faster data conversion from spreadsheets to visual insights
  • Improved idle asset and manpower reporting
  • Better project management

Together, we have built a product that reduces business risks by identifying time-cost patterns, estimations, and assigning labor assets.

What started as a one-off project is now a long-running partnership.

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