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The client’s objective was to develop a custom app called BrainGym, designed to assist their employees in managing their mental health effectively. The app aimed to provide various features such as daily check-ins, mood tracking, goal setting for mental wellness, access to valuable information, and the ability to chat with mental health coaches.

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The Challenge

Despite having an innovative and well-articulated concept, the client faced challenges due to a lack of technical expertise within their internal team. It became apparent that they required a partner who could understand their vision, navigate the complexities of the project, and effectively drive it to a successful completion.

Finding a reliable and knowledgeable partner was crucial in bridging the gap between the client’s vision and the technical implementation required. With the right partner onboard, the client could leverage their expertise to overcome technical obstacles, ensure a smooth development process, and achieve the desired outcomes for the project.

By collaborating with a capable partner, the client could tap into their technical proficiency, industry experience, and problem-solving skills. This collaboration would not only accelerate the project’s progress but also instill confidence in the client, knowing that they have a trusted ally to guide them through the technical intricacies and bring their vision to life.

Proposed Solution

We suggested building a simple-to-use app that did everything they wanted.

For daily check-ins, we suggested a quick survey that employees could fill out easily. For a sense of community, we thought a chat room could be a good place for employees to share their experiences. For individual support, we suggested a private chat feature that lets employees schedule time to talk with mental health coaches.

We also thought it would be good for the corporate to be able to see how everyone was doing overall. So, we suggested a dashboard that gives an overview of the mental health of the workforce.

Lastly, we suggested that BrainGym should work together with other health apps. This way, employees can get a full picture of their health all in one place.

So, we put forward a plan that would give the client everything they wanted from BrainGym. The app would be easy to use, respect employee privacy, and help everyone manage their mental health better.

Key Deliverable

Android App

Desktop Portal (Admin & Corporate)

iOS App

Admin Dashboard

Corporate Dashboard

Maintenance and Upgrades

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Development Stages

Product Roadmap
Designing the UI/UX
Developing the Backend
Integration of AI/ML models
Deployment and Maintenance

New Feature Development

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Daily Survey

Users can start and end their day by answering a short survey that asks about their mood, stress levels, and sleep quality. Based on their responses, the app provides personalized feedback or suggestions to help them feel better.

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Goal Setting & Tracking

Users can set specific mental health goals, like practicing mindfulness or completing certain activities. The app helps them keep track of their progress over time and rewards them for reaching their goals.

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External Resource

The app offers articles, videos, and podcasts about mental health. Users can explore these resources to learn more about managing their mental well-being.

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Community Events

There’s a safe space within the app where users can connect with others who are also focusing on mental health. They can share experiences, offer support, ask questions, or simply chat.

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Corporate Dashboard

The app provides an overview of how the company is doing in terms of mental health. It shows general information about employee well-being without revealing anyone’s personal details.

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Notifications and Reminders

The app sends reminders to users to complete check-ins, do mindfulness exercises, or take breaks during the day.

Delivery & Deployment

After app development, the focus shifted to widespread adoption. The app was launched on iOS and Android platforms, along with a web app for computer users. Emphasis was placed on ensuring app security. Ongoing maintenance and plans for creating multiple versions of the app are underway to expand its usage across various departments.

Value Creation & Impact of the Solution

By prioritizing mental health, BrainGym can boost employee productivity, leading to increased efficiency and improved business performance. This can result in tangible benefits such as higher revenue and reduced costs associated with absenteeism or turnover. Additionally, promoting mental well-being can enhance employee satisfaction, contributing to a positive work culture and attracting top talent.

BrainGym’s commitment to comprehensive mental health support establishes it as a leader in the corporate wellness industry. This reputation enhances brand equity, instills trust among clients, and opens doors to new business opportunities. By being at the forefront of mental health initiatives, BrainGym differentiates itself from competitors and becomes a go-to solution for organizations seeking effective employee well-being programs.

With a scalable technology foundation, BrainGym can continually innovate and adapt to emerging trends in mental health. This allows for the introduction of advanced features, personalized experiences, and integration of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence or virtual reality. By staying ahead of the curve, BrainGym remains a forward-thinking and influential player in the digital mental health space.