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Blum Telehealth offers a telehealth solution to providers and patients wherein they can connect virtually for consultations. Being a solution provider, Blum has been offering subscriptions to the telehealth platform which is currently available for web and mobile platforms. Currently, Blum provides a platform for all healthcare providers like urgent care doctors, school nurses, physicians, specialists, and corporate health professionals.


The Challenge

The key requirement was to create a custom telehealth platform that would be stable, HIPAA compliant, and provide data security for all users. Moreover, the existing solutions in the market could not be customized as per the requirement of the client.

Limitations of Existing Solutions

Recurring cost (per user license) can turn out to be a significant expense

No option of customizing features based on specific use cases

Lack of security and data control due to third party cloud storage

Limited privacy controls for users

Proposed Solution

After the initial exploration of the challenges and reviewing the capabilities of the existing solutions, our team proposed a custom telehealth solution that would be developed using WebRTC for the video conferencing capabilities. Additionally, the team ensured that all necessary measures were taken to ensure HIPAA compliance for the solution.

Key Deliverable

Web  Application

iOS App

Maintenance & Support

Android App

Admin Console for User Management & Reporting

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Development Stages

Research & Exploration
UI/UX Design
WebRTC Setup and Integration
Web App Development
Android & iOS App Development
QA and Bug Fixing
Final Review with Stakeholders

Key Features

Video Consultation

Our team used WebRTC for facilitating secure and real-time video consultations between patients and healthcare providers. Patients can interact with doctors, discuss their health concerns, and receive expert advice without the need for physical visits.

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Appointment Booking

We built a custom appointment booking module in the application that allowed patients to book appointments with doctors as per their availability. Doctors can also manage their bookings and reschedule appointments easily. 

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Secure Messaging

The platform also supports instant messaging which allows patients to communicate with their healthcare providers for non-urgent queries, follow-up questions, or prescription refills. This also helps patients to stay connected with their doctors without having the need to get on a video call for every follow up.

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File Sharing

Our team ensured the safety of all file transfers within the application with the use of advanced data security algorithms. As patient records and medical prescriptions were involved, the highest level of data security was ensured for complying with HIPAA guidelines as well.

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Electronic Health Records Integration

The platform integrates with electronic health record systems, enabling healthcare providers to access patient medical records remotely. This integration streamlines patient data management, improves accuracy in diagnosis, and enhances the continuity of care.

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Bluetooth Enabled Remote Health Vitals Recording

We enabled bluetooth based recording of patient’s health vitals. During the online call, the physician sees the patient’s vital signs in real time. Same as in the office, the doctor can monitor blood pressure and temperature, even look into ears and eyes. All this happens seamlessly over the internet without the need for any special equipment.

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Delivery & Deployment

The app was successfully launched for the web and mobile platforms. As of now, the team is engaged with the maintenance and continuous upgrade of the application. The application’s stability was ensured throughout and it reached the end of its lifecycle with the current technology, thereby requiring a technical upgrade to keep it compliant with the latest technologies.     

Value Creation & Impact of the Solution

From a business perspective, the direct commercial benefit of this solution is the provision of subscription options for providers wherein they can get per-user licenses for using the platform. This led to a recurring revenue stream for Blum. For patients, the availability of teleconsultation saved up costs in avoiding physical visits for a consultation.

Based on the feedback received from all the groups that were involved in the testing as well as actual usage of the solution, the team saw 27% improvement in productivity over 30 days. Moreover, the added security reassured the team members to communicate without worrying about information breach.

By incorporating features such as video consultations and secure messaging, Blum Telehealth has transformed the way healthcare is delivered. It has allowed for timely and effective communication between patients and healthcare providers, resulting in improved care coordination and patient satisfaction. Blum played a crucial role in connecting doctors with patients during the global Covid pandemic.

The Blum Telehealth platform has been designed in a way that it supports and integrates with third party services very efficiently. This is the reason why Blum was able to partner for introducing patient identity, engagement & payments capabilities offerings for enterprise health systems. In a similar manner, the platform is capable of supporting future innovations that may be required as part of the telehealth platform.