Increasing Patient Bookings Through Targeted Google Ads







Low sales and patient bookings


Paid Marketing (Google Ads Campaign)


576% growth in patient bookings, increasing from 25 to 70 bookings per week


The eyecare store is a premier online platform dedicated to advancing eye health and vision care. It serves as a comprehensive resource for both patients and eye care professionals, offering a wide range of services and information related to optometry, eye health, and visual wellness.

The Challenge

A leading provider of comprehensive eye care services, faced a significant challenge: stagnating sales and a concerning decrease in weekly patient bookings. In an industry where patient trust and engagement are paramount, the decline in bookings was a critical issue that required immediate and effective solutions.

Existing Limitations

Limited Online Visibility: Despite a comprehensive range of services, the practice’s online presence failed to engage and attract potential patients.

Inefficient Digital Marketing Strategies: Past marketing efforts lacked focus and efficiency, resulting in poor ROI and a clear need for a targeted digital strategy.

User Experience Issues: The practice’s website and booking system were not optimized for engagement, hindering the conversion of visitors into booked appointments.

Proposed Solution

Our team initiated a comprehensive analysis on their online presence, market positioning, and the competitive landscape. The insights gained led us to recommend a robust Google Ads campaign tailored to attract and engage potential patients actively seeking optometry services.

Strategy Implementation

Keyword Research:

Identifying high-intent keywords related to optometry services to target individuals actively searching for eye care solutions.

Performance Monitoring and Optimization:

Continuous monitoring of ad performance to optimize for the best results, adjusting strategies as needed based on real-time data.

Ad Creation:

Crafting compelling ad copy highlighting their unique selling propositions, including experienced optometrists, state-of-the-art technology, and a wide range of eye care services.

Landing Page Optimization:

Enhancing the user experience of the website’s landing page to improve conversion rates, including clear call-to-actions (CTAs), engaging content, and easy booking options.

Key Deliverable

Increased Bookings

Enhanced Online Visibility

Higher ROI

Value Creation & Impact of the Solution

Bookings surged by 576%, with weekly appointments rising from 25 to 70.
Revenue increased by over 50% in the first quarter, demonstrating the campaign’s direct impact on sales and market share.

Online engagement soared by 40%, and patient testimonials doubled, enhancing the clinic’s reputation and trust among potential patients.

Set the stage for [Client Name] to explore cutting-edge digital marketing strategies and personalized patient care, ensuring the clinic’s leadership in optometry.