Snowflake Integration and UX Optimization for a Leading Pharmaceutical Data Analytics Platform



Pharmaceutical Platform


Business / Risk Management Assessment System


Solution Upgrade, New Feature Development



The client is a prominent player in pharmaceutical data analytics. They specialize in their cutting-edge software platform which employs AI and advanced analytics to facilitate the identification and engagement of thought leaders and healthcare providers.

The platform offers tailored solutions for key roles within the pharmaceutical industry and integrates seamlessly with CRM systems. They also aid in clinical trial profiling and recruitment, enhancing the client’s capabilities in the healthcare sector.

The Challenge

The client, a healthcare company, was facing issues with adapting the existing software to integrate with Snowflake, a cloud-based data warehousing platform. This caused project delays due to communication and engagement gaps. The client also struggled with marketing and selling their product, affecting user adoption.

Limitations of Existing Solutions

The existing solution’s incompatibility with Snowflake caused operational inefficiencies.

Lack of effective communication tools between client and customers slowed engagement.

The system’s poor fit for Snowflake data management made it outdated for healthcare needs.

Adapting to Snowflake was complex, affecting agility and market responsiveness.

Limited user and key opinion leader engagement capabilities led to suboptimal experiences.

Proposed Solution

After the initial exploration of the challenges and conducting an in-depth audit of the entire system, we proposed tailored solutions to tackle the complexities of data integration. This included optimizing the software to seamlessly work with the Snowflake database, enabling efficient data handling.

We also suggested implementing streamlined communication channels to minimize delays and enhance client engagement. To improve market penetration, we recommended optimizing marketing and sales strategies.

Key Deliverable

UI/UX Revamp

Snowflake Integration

Development Stages

Discovery and Requirement Analysis
System Audit
Solution Design
Development and Testing
Communication Channel Enhancement
Marketing and Sales Strategy Optimization
User Training and Documentation

Key Features Enhancements

Snowflake Integration for Enhanced Data Handling

We integrated Snowflake to enhance data handling. This enables more efficient pharmaceutical data management and real-time access, empowering better decision-making for the client.

Performance Monitoring and Analytics Tools

To help the client maintain optimal performance, we’ve integrated tools for monitoring platform performance and providing insightful analytics on data usage and system efficiency. These resources empower the client to make data-driven improvements and optimizations.

Real-time Insights and Customized Reports

Our latest addition gives real-time insights on tasks and staff performance, along with custom reports.

Digital Leader Sentiment Analysis

The addition of sentiment analysis for digital opinion leaders, enabling the assessment of HCPs’ online and social media activity to identify digital leaders objectively, represents a new feature development.

Clinical Trial Profiling

The platform’s ability to streamline clinical trial profiling and recruitment by collecting and updating information about clinical trial involvement and principal investigators is a new feature development.

Thought Leader Identification

Enhancements were made to improve the accuracy and efficiency of matching disease and subject matter experts to specific needs and criteria.

UI/UX Revamp

The platform’s UI/UX underwent a complete revamp to provide a visually appealing and user-friendly experience, aiming to enhance usability and accessibility for both clients and their customers.

Profiling and Analytics

We improved the accuracy of building detailed profiles for Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Healthcare Providers (HCPs).

Value Creation & Impact of the Solution

The optimized marketing and sales strategies, paired with a user-friendly interface, significantly expanded the client’s market reach, leading to a 20% increase in revenue generation. Simultaneously, streamlined communication channels and efficient data handling, combined with an improved user interface, drove a remarkable 30% increase in user engagement and adoption of the software.

Snowflake integration improved operational efficiency. This enhanced efficiency leads to cost savings and higher productivity, positively impacting the client’s commercial outcomes.

By successfully addressing the challenges and optimizing the software platform, the client elevated its reputation as a provider of cutting-edge solutions in pharmaceutical data analytics, positioning itself as a leader in a highly competitive industry. Moreover, their commitment to innovation yielded a 30% increase in market penetration, demonstrating their leadership in driving industry change.

The proposed solutions, including Snowflake integration and efficient data handling, create a platform for future integrations. The software can be scaled and adapted to evolving industry needs and emerging technologies.