Tool Alert: UI Faces: Easier Design Process IS Everything

Dear fellow designers, have you ever felt serendipitous? (yeah yeah I will monitor my Word Porn consumption).

That is how I felt when I found UI Faces. The tiny little tool solves one of the most boring, if not major problems of the designing process. It’s an ode to all the hours that our brethren & sistren had lost while looking up for the right avatar of the UI Mockup.

UI Faces is a simple aggregator of people avatars that you can use in your design mockups. It has got a whole collection of beautiful & diverse people who let you use their face in your design (faith in humanity, restored). You can save time & energy and keep your sanity to continue the rest of the design process.

Every single picture on the tool is processed and tagged with age, gender, emotion, and hair color. You can easily filter for quick search and sort them by your requirements. No fuss and fume. Even my Scrum Master seemed impressed so you can take his word, if not mine.

The users who have submitted their photos are aware that their pictures will be used. Also, as every picture on the website is reviewed personally by Alex, there are no copyright issues. Great guy tbh!

You can use all the avatars either by the good ole’ copy-paste, API, and Sketch plugin.

Easy peasy and quick!

Also, this baby belongs to Mighty Alex, so go give him a shoutout!


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