What will happen if I don’t migrate to GA4?

Google Analytics (GA) has been a go-to tool for collecting and analyzing website data and user behavior. With the launch of GA4, many people now have to decide whether to switch over or stay with Universal Analytics. This article will provide an in-depth overview of the potential repercussions of not switching to GA4. You will gain insight into the risks associated with this choice and its consequences.

Migrate to GA4

Why migrate to GA4?

The latest version of Google Analytics, GA4, was introduced in October 2020, and it is equipped with some exclusive features/benefits unavailable with Universal Analytics. These features include:

1. Enhanced User Analysis: GA4 gives you more accurate and in-depth insights into the behavior of your website visitors, allowing you to understand how they navigate and which pages they view.

2. Automatic Data Collection: With GA4, you don’t have to manually set up tracking codes to monitor user interactions on your website, like clicks, scrolls, and form submissions. It automatically collects this data for you.

3. Machine Learning Capabilities: GA4 utilizes machine learning algorithms to review your data and predict how users will act. This helps you make more educated decisions about your promotional tactics.

Risks and Consequences of not migrating to GA4

Failing to migrate to GA4 could have numerous consequences, such as

1. Limited Data Analysis: GA4 provides more detailed and accurate data, which helps to understand user behavior. Without GA4, you may not have access to new analysis tools, making it difficult to make effective decisions about your website or business.

2. Inability to Access New Features: You must upgrade to GA4 as many features are unavailable on Universal Analytics. This includes automated data collection, machine learning capabilities, and much more. You will benefit from all the advantages these extra features provide without migrating.

3. Loss of Data Access: Google has revealed that they will be phasing out Universal Analytics and will only provide technical assistance to those who still use it. If you switch over to using the GA4 version of Google Analytics, you could avoid a situation where your data and tracking information become inaccessible.


The switch to GA4 might appear intimidating, but its new functionalities and enhanced reporting make it worth considering. That being said, if you don’t migrate to GA4, your website will miss out on valuable data that can be used to optimize the user experience. Our team of experts at Galaxy Weblinks helps businesses like yours to make the transition of your data from existing Universal Analytics to GA4 easier and more efficient. With our help, you can rest assured that you will get all the essential insights and data.

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