Older Apps Might Become Useless After Android P

Google recently came up with a developers’ preview for Android P. The developers have now found a new class in the latest Android P Dev Preview. It sets a minimum API version apps on Play Store.

So, in Android P, if an app is not meeting the minimum API requirements, the OS will pop up a warning message stating:

Error message: “This app was built for an older version of Android and may not work properly. Try checking for updates, or contact the developer.”

We all know how pumped up Google is in keeping PlayStore in sync with new developments. Setting up a minimum API support requirement for newly uploaded apps is a perfect move. The update now restricts the developers from having a specific mindset before building an app, enabling the newly submitted apps to work with all the latest Android versions. Hence, the already available apps that fail to update will be retired for good.

The news comes after Apple did something similar recently. Apple cleaned up the App Store from old apps. And even if you try running a removed app from your iCloud backup, it will popup a warning message.

We have to wait for Google’s next step towards a better user experience. No matter what Google’s intentions are, once Android P goes live, things are surely going to change!

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